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Chapter 1 : The Period of Renaissance and Reformation

  1. What is meant by the Renaissance?
  2. Discuss the progress of Renaissance in Italy?
  3. Give an account of Reformation in England?
  4. Give an account of discovery of new sea routes and examine its impact on European history?

  5. Account for the Reformation in Germany and teachings of Martin Luther.

  6. "The reign of Elizabeth I is considered to be the golden in the English History" Discuss.

  7. Write short notes on:
  1. Calvinism

  2. Features of Renaissance

  3. Scientific inventions and discoveries

  4. Bloody Mary

  5. Establishment of Anglican Church

  6. Peace made with Augsburg

Chapter 2 : An Age of Conflicts: Seventeenth Century Europe

  1. Form an estimate of the character of James I.
  2. Examine the main topics of the nature and results of the Civil War.
  3. Give an account of the Thirty Years’ War?
  4. What was the contribution of Peter, the Great in modernizing Russia?
  5. Explain the role of Richelieu in building a strong monarchy in France.
  6. "The writings of Philosophers led to the wide-spread demand for reform." Discuss.
  7. Give an account of the Anglo-Dutch war.
  8. "The glorious Revolution is a landmark in the history of the world." Give reasons.
  9. Write short notes:
  1. The Spanish succession

  2. Peter, the Great

  3. Commonwealth in England

Chapter 3 : The Era of Revolutions, War and Dictatorship

  1. Account for the Social-political and economic causes of French Revolution.
  2. "The battle of Waterloo was just the symbol of the fall of Napoleon." Explain.
  3. Discuss the impact of Industrial Revolution in European and World history.
  4. Give reasons for the Seven Years’ War.
  5. Examine the role of Catherine the Great in modernization of Russia.
  6. Form an estimate of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  7. Write short notes on :
  1. Intellectual reasons of French Revolution.

  2. Reforms of Napoleon

  3. Reign of Terror in France

  4. Republican France

  5. Discoveries and inventions during Industrial Revolution.

Chapter 4 : Revolution, Unification and the Great War: Political conflicts

  1. Account for the Revolution of 1848.
  2. How did the unification take place in Italy?
  3. The Balkan Wars became a reason for the First World War in 1914. Discuss.
  4. Give the major reasons for the First World War.
  5. What were the main effects of the Great War?
  6. State the reasons for the formation and then the failure of the League of Nations.
  7. Write short notes on:
  1. Count Cavour

  2. Stages leading to the unification of Germany

  3. Immediate causes of World War I

  4. Economic effects of the Great War

Chapter 5 : Europe in the Twentieth Century

  1. Account for the Revolution in Russia (1917). Was it a success?
  2. How was the Republic in Germany established?
  3. Give an account of the growth of Fascism in Italy.
  4. Describe the causes of the Second World War.
  5. What was the impact of the Second World War?
  6. What do you know about the U.N.O.? State its aims and objectives.
  7. Write short notes on:
  1. Rise of Hitler

  2. Rise of Mussolini

  3. Reign of Czar Nicholas II

Chapter 6 : Recent Developments in Europe

  1. Account for the events that led to the collapse of communism in Russia?
  2. What is EMU? Explain.
  3. Account for the developments in Germany after Second World War till the present?
  4. Why was NATO formed? State its features?

  5. Write short notes on:

    1. The Warsaw Pact

    2. Euro-currency



General Conclusion
Important Dates in European History
A Glossary of Historical Terms

Chapter 1

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