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In the history of mankind, changes, especially historical, take place gradually. They just donít happen all of a sudden. Human society pulsates with life like any human organism in which the changes occur with a gradual process of metabolic metamorphosis.

The discoveries and inventions made over the ages are humankindís bid to conquer nature. By their scientific knowledge we have also entered space. The modern knowledge of the protein molecule, means of mass slaughter, atomic bombs etc. are going to change many aspects of human lives.

With the concentration of power only on one side (the U.S.A.) the world can expect different changes. Euratom is to ensure that the community undertakes the necessary research for the development of nuclear energy not only for power but through the use of radio isotopes and radio-active sources for agriculture, medical and industrial purposes.


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General Conclusion
Important Dates in European History
A Glossary of Historical Terms

Chapter 1

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