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Whitehead, A. N.: Science and the Modern World

Wolf, A.: A History of Science, Technology and Philosophy of the Eighteenth Century

Smith, P.: The Enlightenment

Bourne, H. E.: The Revolutionary Period in Europe

Fisher, H. A. L.: Napoleon

Gershoy, Leo: The French Revolution and Napoleon

Grant, A. J. and Temperley, H.: Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century

Ketelbey, C. D. M.: A History of Modern Times from 1789

Thompson, J. M.: The French Revolution

Thomson , D.: Europe since Napoleon

Dietz, F. C.: The Industrial Revolution

Thomson, D.: Europe since Napoleon

Bowden, W. and Karporich, Usher: An Economic History of Europe since 1750

Dawson, W. H.: The Evolution of Modern Germany

King, Bolton: History of Italian Unity

Muir, Ramsay: The Expansion of Europe

Pollard, A. F.: A Short History of Great War

Temperley, H. W. V.: A History of the Peace Conference of Paris

Carr, C. H.: International Relations between the two World Wars

Falls, Cyril: The Second World War

Zlosson, P. W.: Twentieth Century Europe

Seemmer, B. H.: Survey of Russian History

Taylor, A. J. P.: The Origin of Second World War

Trotsky: The History of Russian Revolution, translated by M. Eastman

Wren: The Course of Russian History



General Conclusion
Important Dates in European History
A Glossary of Historical Terms

Chapter 1

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