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4.7 The Founding of the League of Nations

To curb the wars and maintain global peace, it became necessary for the organization to be established. The League of Nations was established in 1919, due to the persistent efforts of Woodrow Wilson. English diplomats made the blue print of the League. 43 member nations signed this. Gradually sixty nations joined the League.

4.7a Aims and Objectives of the League

The League was set up to encourage the ideal of international cooperation, security and peace. It also attempted to reduce war equipment and control the growth of weapons. Another objective was to keep a check on war. The nations, who joined the League promised to observe the territorial integrity of other nations, and to cancel any harmful and secret pacts.

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4.0 - Introduction
4.1 The Revolution of 1848
4.2 The Unification Of Italy
4.3 The Founding of the Gernam Empire
4.4 The Balkan War
4.5 The First World War
4.6 The Impact of the First World War
4.7 The Founding of the League of Nations
4.8 Points to Remember

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