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4.6 The Impact of the First World War

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Exhibit 4.5
A view of Europe before and after the War

The Great War 1914-1918 was universally destructive. The effects of these were seen in many areas, as in the destruction of human life and property, and in the political, social and economic fields. The evolution of capitalism and progress in the scientific spheres were also important consequences.

It is estimated that in the four years of war, some eighty lakhs of people were killed and as many wounded. Some 8-10 lakh people were reported missing.

In most countries, after this Great War, monarchy came to an end. Democratic Governments were established in these countries. The authorities recognized the people's rights.

Lot money was spent in this war. After the Great War, the prices of articles went up. Starvation stalked the world. The government restricted the price of the commodities. Huge taxes were imposed on people. Many mills and factories were established. The workers launched movements for the recognition of their rights.

Almost all countries were so heavily burdened that for years together their path of progress remained impeded.

This war also had important social consequences. There was progress in the sphere of women. Even European Christianity had no impact on the Great War. For politics came to eclipse religion. All known religious dogmas were shattered. This apart, narrow-minded radicalism was given up and a sense of fraternity was born in the people.

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4.0 - Introduction
4.1 The Revolution of 1848
4.2 The Unification Of Italy
4.3 The Founding of the Gernam Empire
4.4 The Balkan War
4.5 The First World War
4.6 The Impact of the First World War
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4.8 Points to Remember

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