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3.7 Points to Remember

The Seven Years' War

  • The war was fought between England and France.
  • The commercial rivalry, i.e. the race for colonies was the main cause of this war.

Industrial Revolution

  • This Revolution began unconsciously in England and spread all over.
  • Many inventions and discoveries took place during its time.
  • It changed the lives of the people.
  • It later became a reason for rise of capitalism.

Catherine the Great

  • She acquired the throne with crime, but then selflessly worked for the betterment of the nation.
  • She was an absolute despot.
  • She was successful in her home and foreign policies.

The French Revolution

  • The bloodiest Revolution in World history, it was a symbol of change.
  • Socio-economic-political reasons were responsible for its outbreak.
  • The philosophers created the ground before the actual revolution.
  • It dealt a big blow to the monarchy in France.

The Reign of Terror

  • It created fear and horror all over.
  • Revolutionaries carried out trials and gave judgments for crimes (or those incidents which they believed to be crimes).
  • Trials were carried out on nobles, officers, churchmen, members of royal families etc.
  • They were punished publicly.

Napoleon Bonaparte

  • He was a soldier in the French army.
  • He dissolved the reign of the Directorary and became first Consul.
  • Later he became the Emperor of France.
  • He initiated many reforms in the nation for the betterment of nation.
  • Reforms were in social-political-educational and economic areas.

Fall of Napoleon

  • Napoleon committed blunders in his life as arrest of Pope, Continental System, etc.
  • The wars of Napoleon also accounted for his fall.
  • Napoleon was power drunk
  • All this resulted in his downfall.



3.0 - Introduction
3.1 The Seven Years' War
3.2 Catherine the Great
3.3 The Industrial Revolution
3.4 The French Revolution
3.5 France as a Republic (1795 - 1799)
3.6 Napolean Bonaparte
3.7 Points to Remember

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