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3.5 France as a Republic (1795 - 1799)

The National Convention had laid the foundations of a democratic constitution under which the administration of the country was to be governed by five directors. The Directory was set up on 26th October, 1795 and the National Convention was dissolved the same day. Abbe-Sieyes was one of the five directors. According to the constitution the head of the Directory or the chief Director was to be the President of France. The members of the Directory in rotation became its head for 3 months which ultimately meant that they would automatically become the President of France.

In the reign of the Directory also, internal troubles and conspiracies continued unabated. In the legislature, the royalists and reactionaries found their way. They were on the lookout for an opportunity to strike at the constitution and re-establish the monarchical form of government. The condition of France declined terribly during the four years of the reign of the Directory.

At the time of the formation of the Directory, France lacked able and upright leadership.

Exhibit 3.6
France at War

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3.5 France as a Republic (1795 - 1799)
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