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MonkeyNotes-Ulysses by James Joyce

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Deasy, Garrett

The Headmaster of the school where Stephen teaches. He is author of the embarrassing letter on foot-and-mouth disease.

Dedalus, Boody

A starving sister of Stephen. She refers to her father Simon as "our father, who art not in heaven."

Dedalus, Dilly

Another of Stephen’s poor sister who waits outside auction rooms.

Dedalus, Katey

A sister of Stephen.

Dedalus, Maggy

A third sister of Stephen. She experiences difficulties in pawning her brother’s books.

Dedalus, Mary (May)

Stephen’s dead mother who appears to him in a vision in chapter XV.

Dignam, Master

Paddy Dignam’s son who stays away from school on the day of his father’s burial.

Dignam Patrick (Paddy)

The drunkard whose funeral is the focal point of the morning’s activity. His family is referred to throughout. His son Patrick II is introduced in Chapter X.

Dillon, Mat

A gentleman whose home was a meeting place for Bloom and Molly.

Dixon, Dr.

An Intern on duty at the hospital. He had once treated Bloom for a bee-sting.

Dlugacz, Moses

A pork butcher.

Dodd, Reuben J.

A money lender

Dolan, Father

A vicious schoolteacher. His mindless pomposity is still remembered by Stephen.

Dollard, Benjamin (Ben)

One of the group at the Ormond bar. His singing of "The Croppy Boy" attracts attention and praise.

Doran, Robert (Bob)

A drunkard at Barney Kiernan’s.

Douce, Lydia

A barmaid at the Ormond.

Dowie, John Alexander

A celebrated American Evangelist who has scheduled a visit to Dublin.

Driscoll, Mary

Once Bloom’s maidservant.

Dudley, Earl of (William Humble Ward)

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whose procession moves across the town in chapter X.

Egan, Kevin

An Irish exile Stephen met in Paris.

Egan, Patrice

Kevin Egan’s son.

Eglinton, John (William Kirkpatrick Magee)


Falkiner, Sir Frederick


Farrell, Cashel Boyle O’Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall

A well-known Dublin lunatic.

Fitzharris, James (Skin-the-Goat)

An assassin who drove the decoy car after the Phoenix Park murders of 1882. He is also the keeper of the cab shelter at Butt Bridge.

Flynn, Nosey

A Dublin lounger and one-time flame of Molly.

Gallagher, Ignatius

A reporter of legendary accomplishments.

Gardner, Lieutenant Stanley G.

A lover of Molly who died during the South African War.


Gertie MacDowell’s grandfather’s dog, accompanying the Citizen to Barney Kiernan’s.

Goulding, Richard (Richie)

Bloom’s dinner companion at the Ormond bar. He is the eccentric uncle of Stephen, who has been ruined by drink.


A watchman whom Stephen encounters in Chapter XVI. Stephen recognizes him as a one-time friend of his father’s.


An English friend of Mulligan’s staying at the Martello Tower.

Hely, Charles Wisdom

A stationer and one-time employer of Bloom.

Higgins, Ellen

Bloom’s mother who married Rudolph Bloom in 1865.

Higgins, Zoe

Girl at Bella Cohen’s establishment.

Horne, Sir Andrew J.

The Director of the maternity ward at the hospital.

Humble, William, Earl of Dudley

Lord Lieutenant of Dublin. His procession moves across the city in Chapter X.

Hynes, Joseph (Joe)

Reporter who owes Bloom three shillings. He covers the Dignam funeral. He appears in the newspaper office and at Barney Kiernan’s.

Johnson Georgina

A prostitute to whom Stephen paid one pound borrowed from the poet A.E.

Kelleher, Cornelius (Corny)

An undertaker whose appearance in Nighttown saves Stephen from probable arrest.

Kelly, Bridget

A prostitute seen by Bloom after he leaves the Ormond bar.

Kennedy, Wilhelmina

A barmaid at the Ormond.

Kernan, Thomas

A successful commercial traveler, appearing in chapter X.

Keyes, Alexander

A tea merchant whose advertising is being managed by Bloom.

Kiernan, Bernard (Barney)

The tavern keeper.

Lambert, Edward (Ned)

A journalist who appears in the newspaper office and at Barney Kiernan’s.

Laredo, Lunita

Molly’s mother, wife of Major Brian Cooper Tweedy.

Lenehan, T.

A newspaper editor and frequenter of Dublin taverns.

Leonard, Patrick

A horseracing enthusiast, appearing in Davy Byrne’s.

Lidwell, George

A solicitor, appearing at the Ormond bar.

Love Rev. Hugh C.

An antiquarian and Father Cowley’s landlord. He appears in Chapter X.

Lynch Vincent

A student and crony of Stephen. He attends the party at the hospital and goes to Nighttown afterwards.

Lyons, Bantam

A horseracing fanatic. He misinterprets a comment by Bloom as a tip on a horse.

Lyster, Thomas William

The Director of the National Library.

M’Coy, C.P.

A well-known sponger. His wife is a singer, apparently inferior to Molly in her artistry and professional repute.

Maccabe, Florence

A woman seen by Stephen on the beach in Chapter III.

MacDowell, Gerty

A self-esteemed and romantic girl on the beach.

MacHugh, Professor

A Latinist and nationalist. He appears at the newspaper office.

Maginni, Denis

A dancing master who watches the cavalcade of the earl of Dudley.

Man in the Macintose

He makes his presence felt at Dignam’s funeral.


An old family friend of Bloom.

Menton, John Henry

A solicitor, mourner at Dignam’s funeral and occasional acquaintance of the Bloom’s.

Mesiar, George Robert

Bloom’s tailor, at whose shop Bloom first met Boylan.

Moore, George

A famous Irish writer who does not invite Stephen to his get- together on the evening of 16 th June.

Mulligan, Malachi Buck

A medical student, wit and friend of Stephen, who looks upon him as a ‘usurper.’

Mulvey, Lieutenant Henry (Harry)

An old flame of Molly.

Murphy, W.B.

A sailor at the Butt Bridge cab shelter. His true name is Senor A. Boudin.

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MonkeyNotes-Ulysses by James Joyce


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