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MonkeyNotes-Ulysses by James Joyce

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Major Characters

Bloom, Leopold

A 38 years old Jewish advertisement canvasser, Joyce’s modern equivalent of Homer’s Ulysses. He is alienated from home and religious community. He is a man of disorganized notions, discarded religious beliefs and bygone political allegiances. He suffers from sexual perversities. He has a humorous awareness of the follies flourishing around him. He is as much a critic of his society’s values as their unwitting representative. Despite his faults, he is a man endowed with humanism. He is capable of acts of kindness and charity to others. In being a combination of a sinner and a saint, he is Everyman. He is the protagonist of the novel, who is engaged in a quest for a son who will replace his dead son Rudy.

Dedalus, Stephen

An aspiring young artist (he bears the nickname "Kinch") who feels estranged from the world around him. He suffers from a feeling of guilt for many of his omissions and commissions in the past. He dwells considerably on the implications of his past actions. He refuses to be drawn into the Irish national movement. He is endowed, however, with an aesthetic sensibility, excellent creative aspirations and capacity for independent thinking. He would like to break free from all the conventions and taboos of society in an attempt to blossom into a fine artist. He is engaged in a quest for a father figure, who will replace his far from desirable father Simon.

Bloom, Marion (Molly)

An archetypal earth goddess who is caught in the vortex of a loveless marriage to an uxorious and masochistic husband. She has had her lovers in the past. Despite her marital infidelity, she looks forward to a life free from adultery. She has excellent musical tastes. She is a fine singer who is capable of giving musical programs. As a woman Molly is admired by the men of Dublin. She is the one possession for which they envy Bloom.

Boylan, Hugh Blazes

A singer, the owner of a prizefighter and a billsticker. He is Molly’s manager who arranges her musical programs and tours. He is a coarse and shallow seducer of women. He is Molly’s secret lover. A conscienceless man, he is seen flirting with the bar girls in Ormond Hotel just before he goes to see Molly.

Minor Characters

A. E. (G.W.Russell)

A poet and man of letters, who holds court at the National Library.

Arnall, Father

One of Stephen’s teachers, whose kindness to him is reported in A Portrait of the Artist.

Artifoni, Almidano

Music teacher and friend of Stephen.


A dog which was owned by Rudolph, Bloom’s father.

Bannon, Alexander (Alec)

A student who is having an affair with Milly Bloom. He appears at the party in the hospital.

Barry, Mrs. Yelverton

An aristocratic lady who figures in Bloom’s daydreams.

Beaufoy, Philip

The author of a story in Tidbits who attracts Bloom’s attention.

Bellingham, Mrs.

Another lady in Bloom’s daydreams. Mrs. Barry and she appear in Nighttown.

Bergan, Alfred

One of the drinkers at Barney Kiernan’s. He is possibly responsible for the joke played on Breen.

Best, Richard


Blind Stripling

A young man helped by Bloom in crossing the street in chapter VIII. Lamppost Farrell bumps into him in chapter X. In chapter XI he appears as a piano tuner.

Bloom, Milly

Bloom’s 15-year-old daughter who is busy dating Alexander Bannon.

Bloom, Mr.

Dentist, no relation of Leopold.

Bloom, Rudolph

Bloom’s father. Gloomy after his wife’s death, he committed suicide.

Bloom, Rudy

Bloom’s son who died a few days after he was born.

Boardman, Edith

A friend of Gerty MacDowell, she brings her baby brother to play on the beach.

Braydon, William

Newspaper proprietor.

Breen, Denis

A wretched and mad fellow who is plagued by practical jokes.

Breen, Mrs. Josephine

Denis Breen’s wife and old flame of Bloom’s. She meets him in Chapter VIII and appears in a Nighttown vision.

Bruke, Andrew

One of Molly’s old lovers, vulgarly knows as "Pisser."

Burke, Omadden

The Newspaper Editor appearing in Chapter VII.

Byrne, David

A restaurant keeper, appearing in Chapter VIII.

Caffrey, Cecilia (Cissy)

A friend of Gerty MacDowell. She appears on the beach looking after her twin brothers. She accompanies the English soldiers in Nighttown.

Callan, Nurse

One-time landlady of the Bloom’s. She is now attending the maternity ward of the hospital.

Callinam, Chris

A lover of Molly

Carr, Private Harry

An English soldier, rioting through Nighttown.

Citizen, The

The anonymous villain of Barney Kiernan’s tavern.


An old family friend of Bloom.

Clifford, Martha

Bloom’s pen friend, to whom he addresses several letters under the assumed name of Henry Flower.

Clinch, Mrs.

A respectable lady whom Bloom greeted once mistaking her for a prostitute.


A dull student of Stephen in Mr. Deasy’s school.

Coffery, Father Francis

The priest who performs the absolution during the burial service of Paddy Dignam.

Cohen, Bella

The keeper of the brothel in Nighttown.

Compton, Private

Private Carr’s companion.

Conmee, Father John

One time Principal of Clongowes College at Artane. He goes there in Chapter X on a charitable mission for the Dignam family.

Conway, Mrs. Dante (Riordan)

A late friend of the Dedalus family and patron of the Bloom’s. She hoped vainly that she would leave them some money.

Corley, Lord John

An acquaintance of Stephen. He is a hard-up young man about town.

Costello, Punch

A student at the hospital party.

Cowley, Father Robert

A priest in financial straits, appearing in Chapter X.

Crawford, Myles

The Editor of the Evening Telegraph.

Crofton, J.T.A

Protestant friend of Cunningham, who comes with him to Barney Kiernan’s.

Crotthers, J.

A student present at the hospital party.

Cunningham, Martin

A friend of Bloom and the Dignams. He is a practical, sensible and pious man. His wife is well known to be an alcoholic.

Dandrade, Mrs. Miriam

A prostitute with whom Bloom has had a shameful encounter.

D’Archy, Bartell

A celebrated singer and one-time lover of Molly.

Dawson, Daniel (Dan)

A sentimental nationalist. His speech printed in the paper attracts great attention.

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