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MonkeyNotes-Ulysses by James Joyce

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Nannetti, Joseph Patrick

A city council member and newspaper manager.

Nolan, John Wyse

A drinker at Barney Kiernan’s.

O’Molloy, J.J

A bankrupt lawyer who appears at the newspaper office.

Parnell, Charles Stewart

A great Irish nationalist. Myths associated with him are mentioned in Chapter XVI.

Parnell, John Howard

The eccentric brother of the great leader, wandering the streets of Dublin on this day.

Pat the Waiter

A waiter at Ormond, who is known as "Bald" Pat.

Power, John (Jack)

Mourner at the Dignam funeral and friend of Cunningham.

Purefoy, Mina

A patient at the maternity hospital.

Purefoy, Theodre

Mina Purefoy’s husband.

Ricketts, Katherine

A girl at Bella Cohen’s establishment.

Riordan, Mrs. Dante

An invalid at City Arms Hotel.

Rochford, Thomas

A drinker at Davy Byrne’s.

Rumbold, Harry

A barber and executioner. His letter is read out at Barney Kiernan’s.

Ryan Terence

A bartender at Barney Kiernan’s.

Sargent, Cyril

A pupil of Stephen.


The horse on which Boylan bets. It loses the Gold cup race.

Shan, Van Vocnt

A poor old woman who brings milk to the Martello Towers.

Sheehy, Mrs. David

The wife of an M.P. She is greeted by Father Conmee.

Swervy, F.W.

A druggist from whom Bloom buys a bath soap.


A student given to cheating in Stephen’s class at Deasy’s school.

Talbot, Florence

A girl at Bella Cohen’s establishment.

Talboys, Mrs. Mervyn

An aristocratic lady in Bloom’s daydreams.


A dog encountered by Stephen on the beach in Chapter III.

Taylor, John F.

A great Irish orator who is associated with the Gaelic revival.


The dark horse which beats Sceptre and wins the 1904 Gold Cup race.

Tweedy, Major Brian Cooper

Molly’s father who is a heavy smoker and drunkard.

Twigg, Lizzie

An applicant for the job of a typist in response to Bloom’s advertisement.

Vaughan, Father Bernard

A priest whose sermon is ridiculed by Bloom.


The name of Bloom’s father, grandfather and great grandfather. Bloom’s father changed his name from Virag to Bloom.

Wylie, Reginald

Gerty MacDowell’s boy friend.

Yeats, W.B

The famous Irish poet associated with the Irish revival.

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MonkeyNotes-Ulysses by James Joyce


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