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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding
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She is Mrs. Millerís elder daughter. A pretty young woman, she has an affair with Mr. Nightingale and becomes pregnant with his child. After Tomís insistence, Nightingale marries Nancy and they are then a very happy couple. Mrs. Miller remains forever obligated to Tomís fortunate intervention.

Parson Supple

He is a clergyman in Squire Westernís estate. He accompanies Squire Western to London, in search of the latterís daughter. Parson Supple is a typical clergyman who keeps pleading for peace and good humor. But Squire Western doesnít pay any heed to him and often dominates him blatantly.

Mr. Nightingale

He is a young man who is lodging at Mrs. Millerís place. He befriends Tom, it is Tom who convinces Mr. Nightingale to marry Nancy-the landladyís daughter, whom he had impregnated.

Old Man of the Hill

When Tom Jones and Partridge move towards London from Gloucester, at night they come across a house on a wooded hill. Here resides a strange old man and Tom Jones and Partridge befriend him. He tells the two, the story of his unlucky life over a space of a couple of chapters.

Landlady and landlord of the inn at Upton

There are the owners of the Upton Inn where Tom Jones takes Mrs. Waters. When the landlord and landlady see a disheveled woman and a young man together they suspect some immorality in their motives and they then prevent them from staying there. This results in an altercation but it is resolved and the couples are allowed to put up at the inn.


She is a chambermaid at the Inn at Upton. She comes to here landlady's rescue when a fight ensues between the latter and Tom Jones. It is she who lies to Sophia that Tom had been criticizing her (Sophia).

The Sergent

A sergent visits the Upton Inn and he recognizes the lady in distress as Mrs. Waters. He later tells Partridge the above lady's disreputable history. He gets into an argument with the landlord and Partridge when he is drunk.

Captain Waters

He is a Captain in the same regiment to which Mr. Northerton is attached. He had long lived with the lady Jenny Jones, who started calling herself Mrs. Waters. He loved this lady and knew not of her little affair with Ensign Northerton.

Mr. Fitzpatrick

While his wife is included in the list of major characters, he himself plays a role of relevance but not a key one. He is an Irish gentleman who had wooed Harriet, Sophia's cousin before marrying her. He is a money minded man who quarrels a lot with his wife. It is by fighting a duel with him that Tom lands up in gaol.

Mr. Maclachlan

An Irish calabalaro or cavalier he too is present at the Upton Inn. He knows Mr. Fitzpatrick and it is he, who explains to the latter that the lady in bed with Tom Jones is not Mrs. Fitzpatrick.

The Irish nobleman

When Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Sophia are staying at an inn on the road to London Mrs. Fitzpatrick meets a nobleman she recognizes. This man has an estate in the neighborhood at Fitzpatrick and is very helpful to Mrs. Fitzpatrick. He accompanies the two ladies to London and there is a suspicion that he has an affair with Mrs. Fitzpatrick.

A lame beggar on the road to London

Tom Jones & Partridge come across a lame fellow in rags while travelling. Tom gives the beggar a shilling and the poor fellow in turn gives him a little gift pocket book that he had found on the road, belonging to Sophia.

The puppet master

Tom and Partridge meet a master of puppet shows on the road to London. Tom gets into an argument with this master on the ideal quality of shows.


She is a maid at the inn where the puppet master sets up his show. She is found in a compromising position with the puppet master's merry Andrew. The landlady raises a raucous at this occasion.

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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding


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