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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding
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Minor Characters

Mr. Square

He resided in Mr. Allworthy’s house and is presented as an object of derision in this narrative. He is middle aged and had the responsibility of teaching both Blifil and Tom Jones. He clashes with Thwackum’s ideas all the time, but the element of hypocrisy is common to both.

Mr. Thwackum

He too resided in Mr. Allworthy’s house and considered himself-a divine. As an educator he was not a just one and was unfairly partial to Blifil over Tom Jones. Together with Square, it is Thwackum who convinces Squire Allworthy to banish Tom Jones from the estate.

Mrs. Deborah Wilkins

She is the elderly woman servant who is summoned when Squire Allworthy spots a little baby in his bed. She is a shrieky old woman, who is easily frightened. At first she condemns the baby for being a bastard. Later she nurses it but only because her master wishes it so. She is the kind of woman who will behave specifically in the manner, which will benefit her. She does not play a major part in the novel, except as an illustration of the calculativeness of maidservants.

Doctor Blifil

He is a friend of Squire Allworthy and he makes only a brief appearance at the beginning of the book. He is a doctor, a gentleman who had the misfortune of losing the advantage of great talents by the obstinacy of a father who bred him to a profession he disliked. Doctor Blifil had a liking for Miss Bridget Allworthy but she marries his brother-Captain Blifil instead. The Captain, his brother distances himself from him and the doctor dies of a broken heart in London.

Captain Blifil

Doctor Blifil’s worldly brother, he too is an acquaintance of Squire Allworthy. He has a secret affair with Miss Bridget Allworthy and eventually marries her. He is a selfish man who breaks his brother’s heart by distancing himself from him. He dies in the first half of the book.

Black George

He is Squire Allworthy’s gamekeeper initially. On Tom’s insistence he once trespasses into neighboring territory and gets into trouble for this. The Squire dismisses him from service, though he continues to be Tom’s friend. Black George is eventually taken into service by Squire Western. George is a poor man with a large family.

Molly Seagrim

She is Black George’s eldest daughter. A healthy, robust girl, she is greatly attracted to Tom and seduces him into having an affair with her. While Tom feels guilty about deflowering this girl he learns later that she had had other affairs.

Mrs. Honour

She is Sophia’s maid. An extremely robust woman, she is money minded but at the same time, loyal to Sophia. She helps Sophia in running away from the house to London. She accompanies Sophia to London and is a part of Sophia’s many adventures.

Quaker He is one of the many men Tom Jones meets in his journey to London. He meets him near Bristol.

Mr. Northerton

He is one of the ensigns in a company of soldiers that Tom meets on his way to London. He is a wicked man who insults Sophia’s name. Later, Tom rescues Mrs. Waters from the lascivious clutches of Ensign Northerton. He is a malevolent character.

Landlady of a public house on the way to Bristol

Tom Jones stays at this public house for some time. The landlady aids him when he is wounded in a battle. She knows about Sophia. She is a woman of the world and is very particular about claiming her money from clients.

Mr. & Mrs. Whitefield

They are the landowners of the house in Gloucester where Tom Jones and Partridge put up. A worldly couple, they know which guests to look after and which to ignore.


An attorney of Salisbury, he meets Tom Jones at Gloucester. It is he who brings the news of Mrs. Blifil’s death to Mr. Allworthy and it is he who appears in London, towards the end of the book. Dowling greatly respects Squire Allworthy and looks after his, as well as Squire Western’s legal matters.

Mrs. Miller

She is a poor lady, who earns a living by renting out a lodging at London. It is at her place that Tom Jones lives for some time. Mrs. Miller is under obligations to Squire Allworthy and has a deep affection for Tom. She has two daughters-Nancy and Betty. Mrs. Miller plays a role of relevance in the second half of the book.

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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding


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