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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding
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List Of Characters Major

Tom Jones

Undoubtedly the chief protagonist; the book itself is named after him. He is abandoned as a baby but adopted by Squire Allworthy a compassionate widower. Tom is a good human being but is inclined to having many affairs with women, though his main love remains Sophia.

Sophia Western

She is Squire Western's daughter and a charming beautiful young woman. She loves Tom Jones even while he remains a roving, reckless fellow. When she is forced by her father to marry Blifil she leaves her house to find Tom Jones. But many misunderstandings arise between them, before they are finally united. While she is extremely feminine, she also possesses a strong, noble spirit.


He is the antithesis of Tom Jones. Blifil is Mrs. Bridget's son and is a convincing, wicked fellow. He manipulates to get Tom Jones banished and he wishes to marry Sophia, solely for her estate. He is exposed at the end for what he really is. But at the beginning of the novel he fools many into believing that he is an upright, virtuous fellow.

Squire Allworthy

A benevolent and fortright man, it is he was adopts Tom Jones. He is compassionate and wealthy too. He makes Tom his son but turns him out when he is made to believe that Tom has been villainous. Squire Allworthy does approve of the match of Sophia Western and Blifil but only if the Sophia too agrees. At the end of the novel Squire Allworthy realizes rightly the extreme worth of Tom Jones. He remains a respectable and honorable elder.

Lady Bridget

She is Squire Allworthy’s sister and not a very beautiful woman. While she claims to be very prudent she does have romances with men. She does not have the charm and grace of her brother and is somewhat a hypocritical character. At the end of the novel, we find that she is Tom's real mother. Her role is important in that it is she who gives birth to the protagonist -Tom.


Partridge is believed to be Tom’s father after he is found abandoned on Squire Allworthy’s bed. Partridge leaves the neighborhood to escape ill repute and we meet him next, when Tom bumps into him after he is banished from the Squire's estate. Partridge is an eccentric comic fellow and he accompanies Tom to London and is a part of all the former's adventures there.

Squire Western

Squire Western is Squire Allworthy’s neighbor. He is a countryman, who is impatient and loud. He is excessively fond of hunting and absolutely adores his daughter-Sophia. Squire Western plays a crucial role in that, he is a major hurdle between Tom and Sophia's love. His character as that of a blustering and quick-tempered country Squire, is completely believable.

Lady Western

She is Squire Western's sister and Sophia's aunt. A very well read woman she considers herself a briliant politician and a woman of the world. She comes to stay at her brother's country estate often and when she is with him, she harangues him a great deal. She is opinionated and a symbolic example of the vanity of imaginery intelligence.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick

Her maiden name being Harriet she is Sophia's cousin. She gets married to an Irish Lord but is very unhappy with him. She runs away from his unpleasantness and in her travels, meets Sophia, who in turn, was running away from her father. Mrs. Fitzpatrick can be seen as a foil to Sophia. She indulges in an affair with her protector and is not as chaste as her cousin Sophia. Her self-control could be considered as lesser than her cousin's.

Lady Bellaston

A middle aged woman, she has no scruples regarding morals. When Sophia flees to London, she takes up shelter with Lady Bellaston. But as soon as this lady lays eyes on Tom Jones, she falls irretrievably in love with him. Her passion is such that she undertakes to 'keep' him. A manipulative woman she can do anything to attain her desired objectives. She cannot be considered as an exemplary character in this narrative.

Jenny Jones - Mrs. Waters

When Tom is found in Squire Allworthy's bed, the Squire investigates the little boy's parentage. Suspicion alights on Jenny Jones, an intelligent maid working at Mr. Partridge's house. She does not deny the guilt either and leaves the neighborhood. For long she is considered to be Tom's mother. But, she reappears as Mrs. Waters later in the book and reveals a secret that is critical to the story. Her role in the novel is important -more for its impact than its length.

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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding


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