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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding
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A company of Egyptian gypsies

While on the road to London, Tom and Partridge see a group of gypsies celebrating in a barn. Partridge is a little scared of them initially but eventually joins in the merriment.

The Gypsy King

He is the leader of the group of gypsies. An intelligent man his sense of justice impresses Tom. The two come to a mutual comfortable understanding.

The highwayman (Mr. Anderson)

When Tom and Partridge were two miles beyond Barnet a gentle looking man approaches them on a shabby looking horse. He requests their company to London but later tries to rob them. Tom overpowers this man and he asks for forgiveness. He claims to be driven to this crime because of dire necessity. The highwayman reappears later in the story as a friend of Mrs. Miller's. His name is then given as Mr. Anderson.

Nightingale's father

Mr. Nightingale is a wealthy man to whom money is of primary importance in life. He objects to his son's marriage to poor Nancy, Mrs. Miller's daughter. Later, he comes around with the insistence of Squire Allworthy, who is an acquaintance of his.

Mr. Nightingale's brother

Young Nightingale's uncle, he too is unscrupulous. He tries to dissuade his nephew from marrying Nancy.

Lord Fellamar

A young nobleman of London, he frequently visited Lady Bellaston. He meets Sophia in the lady's house and is urged by the elder lady to make love to Sophia. He is passionately in love with Sophia but she does not return this admiration.

Arabella Hunt

This lady too lodged in the same lodging at London as Tom Jones. She develops a great liking for him and proposes marriage to him, in a letter. Later, when Sophia learns of Arabella's interest in Tom, she feels jealous.

Captain Egglane

This Captain is a friend of Lord Fellamar at London. He is commissioned by the Lord to approach Squire Western, for Sophia's hand in marriage to the Lord. He is insulted by the Squire when he approaches him.

Mr. Summer

He was the son of Squire Allworthy's friend. He had died of smallpox before the reader could meet him personally. Towards the end of the story, Mrs. Waters (Jenny Jones) reveals to Squire Allworthy that it is Mr. Summer, who was Tom Jones' father, and not Mr. Partridge.

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MonkeyNotes-Tom Jones by Henry Fielding


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