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MonkeyNotes-Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare
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Titus Andronicus

The tragic hero of the play. He is a Roman general who has led Rome in her numerous victories against her enemies. He is a brave warrior who has lost many sons in the defense of his country. Although the people of Rome choose him as their emperor, he refuses the position and creates Saturninus, the last emperorís eldest son as the new emperor.


A Moor. He is the beloved of Tamora, the queen of Goths who is his mistress. He is a wicked man proud of his villainy and calm in his acceptance of the fate that awaits his deeds. He is the man who is actually responsible for the several deaths including Laviniaís rape. Although he doesnít hesitate to take human lives he is prepared to go to any length to protect the life of his own son. While he is fleeing to save his babyís life he is captured by Lucius. Aaron finally meets a very horrific death.


The queen of Goth. She is captured by Titus and brought to Rome. Her beauty catches the eye of Saturninus who sets her free and then marries her. With Aaronís help she sets out to take revenge on Titus and to destroy his family. Although married to Saturninus she gives birth to Aaronís child.



He is the last emperorís eldest son. Titus makes him the emperor of Rome. He is a boorish and an ungrateful man who rejects Titus soon after the latter has made him emperor. Smitten by Tamoraís beauty, he marries her.


He is Saturninusí younger brother. He loves Lavinia, Titusí daughter and elopes with her against Titusí wishes. He is a better and more deserving man than his brother. He is tricked into 2quarreling with Tamora. Demetrius, while pretending to save his motherís honor, kills him with his knife.

Marcus Andronicus

He is Titus Andronicusí brother and also a tribune of Rome. Unlike his brotherís warlike qualities, he possesses the true qualities of a statesman. He grieves along the Titus and Lavinia over the tragedies that befall them. Towards the end he helps Lucius establish political order in Rome.


Lucius is one of Titusí son. He sacrifices Tamoraís eldest son Aarabus after the Roman victory over the Goths. He is banished from Rome for trying to save his brothers. During his banishment her gathers an army of Goths to attack Rome. After Saturninusí death the people of Rome proclaim him as the Emperor by the people of Rome.


He is one of Titusí sons who, falls prey to Aaronís conspiracy. As a result, he is executed on the charge of the murder of the emperorís brother Bassianus, although he is innocent of the crime.


He is Titus son and during Laviniaís elopement with Bassianus he guards the doorway. Titus kills him for what he sees as treachery.

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MonkeyNotes-Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare


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