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MonkeyNotes-Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare
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Young Lucius

He is Lucius’ son and Titus’ grandson. He is the beloved of his aunt Lavinia and he is instrumental in her discovering the book 2that helps her to reveal what had occurred to her in the forest.


He is Marcus’ son and Titus’ nephew and helps the latter to shoot arrows with missives addressed to Gods. Later he assists Titus in binding and gagging Demetrius and Chiron.


He is another kinsmen of Titus. He lends a hand in shooting arrows with missives addressed to various Roman Gods.


Titus’ kinsman, who helps Titus shoot arrows that have messages attached to them, to various Gods of the Romans.


He is a kinsman of Titus Andronicus.


He is a noble Roman. It is through him that Tamora sends an invitation of parley with Lucius. It is he, who voices the desire of the Romans people, to have Lucius their emperor.


He is Tamora’s eldest son and a prince of the Goths. He is sacrificed by Lucius despite of Tamora’s pleading with Titus for mercy.


One of Tamora’s sons, who helps to kill Bassianus, and then ravishes and mutilates Lavinia.


Also one of Tamora’s sons, he helps his older brother Demetrius in killing Bassianus and then in ravishing and mutilating Lavinia.

A Captain

He announces Titus’ arrival in Rome.


They accept Titus’ refusal to accept the position of an Emperor and even agree to accept anyone that Titus chooses as the new emperor.


He brings the severed heads of Titus sons and Titus’ hand to Titus and passes on the message that the emperor scorns his sacrifice. He himself is sympathetic toward Titus whom he considers ill-treated.


He carries a message from Titus to Saturninus and is hanged by the latter’s orders.


She is Titus’ daughter and the joy of his life. After killing her husband, Tamora’s sons ravish and mutilate her. She however succeeds in revealing the identity of her wrong doers becomes instrumental in their deaths. Her father kills her in order to free her from a life of pain and shame.

A Nurse

She brings Aaron his son along with Tamora’s message that Aaron should kill the baby. Aaron kills her to protect the secret that Tamora has given birth to a black baby.

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MonkeyNotes-Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare


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