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To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee




_____ 1. The novel both starts and ends with the incident in which -

    A. Scout is frightened by Boo Radley
    B. Jem breaks his arm
    C. Atticus displays his heroic qualities
_____ 2. Another meaningful title for this novel could be -
    A. Scout Grows Up
    B. The South Shall Rise Again
    C. The Courage of Atticus Finch
_____ 3. Atticus taught his children not to kill a mockingbird because it -
    A. is one of God's special creatures
    B. sings beautifully and harms no one
    C. brings good luck to those who truly listen to it
_____ 4. Harper Lee contrasts the poor Cunninghams with the -
    A. Ewells
    B. Radleys
    C. Robinsons

_____ 5. Atticus continually tries to make Scout -
    A. stop daydreaming and focus on reality
    B. put herself in other people's shoes
    C. exhibit a more mature behavior
_____ 6. A unique facet of the Atticus-Scout relationship is that -
    A. they share a common vision of humanity
    B. he will accept criticism from her
    C. he never talks down to her
_____ 7. The kindness of Boo Radley is displayed through -
    I. the mending of Jem's pants
    II. the blanket around Scout's shoulders
    III. the bag of apricots in the Finch mailbox
    A. I and II only
    B. I and III only
    C. II and III only
_____ 8. One reason Lee presents Boo Radley is to show that Scout -
    A. can be frightened easily by the unknown
    B. has a fertile imagination
    C. can accept people who are different
_____ 9. Atticus' courage is seen when he -
    I. shoots the made dog
    II. undertakes the Robinson defense
    III. faces the lynch mob
    A. I and II only
    B. II and III only
    C. I, II, and III
_____ 10. "The bravest person I ever knew" was Atticus' description of -
    A. Aunt Alexandra
    B. Mrs. Dubose
    C. Reverend Sykes

11. What role does humor play in To Kill a Mockingbird? -

12. Why is the character of Dill important to the development of the novel? Why do you think the author included him? -

13. The concept of courage is very important to the novel. Discuss. -

14. What is the connection between the story of Boo Radley and the story of Tom Robinson? -


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