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_____ 1. Gulliver's Travels was intended as

A. a glorification of eighteenth-century England
B. A condemnation of certain human traits
C. escapist literature

_____ 2. Sizes and measurements in Lilliput become normal if we multiply everything by

A. four
B. six
C. twelve

_____ 3. Gulliver finds the Lilliputians

A. proud and corrupt
B. ingenious and forgiving
C. suspicious but fun-loving

_____ 4. Gulliver falls into disfavor with the Emperor

A. because of the way he put out the palace fire
B. when he refuses to help him enslave Blefuscu
C. when a rumor spreads of a scandal involving Gulliver and the wife of a high official

_____ 5. Gulliver's friend among the Lilliputian officials is

A. Bolgolam
B. Flimnap
C. Reldresal

_____ 6. Which statement is true?

A. the King of Blefuscu turns out to be kinder than the Emperor of Lilliput
B. after returning to England, Gulliver made a fortune in exhibiting one of the little people he had hidden in his pocket
C. important positions in Lilliput were given out according to an individual's height.

_____ 7. The Prince of Lilliput walked with a hobble because

A. he was born lame
B. he was wounded in the battle with the Blefuscudians
C. the heels of one of his shoes was slightly higher than the other

_____ 8. Gulliver finds the size of the Brobdingnagians

A. magnifies their physical blemishes to the point of disgust
B. helps him appreciate the beauty of his English countrymen
C. arouses a feeling of envy within him

_____ 9. Which is true?

A. Gulliver is almost killed by a hazelnut thrown at him during his performance
B. Gulliver's performance at the Green Eagle Inn consists of singing and dancing
C. The farmer is very careful not to exhaust Gulliver with too many performances as it might ruin a very profitable business

_____ 10. After listening to Gulliver's account of life in England, the King

A. mildly reprimands him for inventing this "fiction"
B. pronounces his sympathies are with the Whigs
C. expresses an opinion about the Whigs and Tories which is similar to Gulliver's opinion about the Big-Endians and Little-Endians

11. Swift has been called one of the greatest satirists in the English language. Describe Swiftian satire.

12. On the basis of Gulliver's Travels, discuss Swift's notions of a good and just government.

13. Find support in the Travels for the statement, "Human nature is petty."

14. Find support in the Travels for the statement, "Human nature is magnanimous and just."

15. Discuss the limits of reason as found in Gulliver's Travels.

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