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The Grapes of Wrath
John Steinbeck


_____ 1. When Tom leaves, he is committed to

    A. carrying on the work Jim Casy started
    B. getting even with the cops who killed Casy
    C. "stop beatin' my brains to death"
_____ 2. The "blue shriveled little mummy" was
    A. Muley Graves
    B. Rose of Sharon's baby
    C. the starving little Winfield
_____ 3. Steinbeck's vivid message of the need for people to help each other is seen in the
    I. building of the dam
    II. stew given to the children
    III. breast feeding of the stranger
    A. I and II only
    B. I and III only
    C. I, II, and III
_____ 4. A principal feature of the book is the
    I. growth of Tom Joad
    II. movement from personal concerns to concerns for humanity
    III. plea for rotation of crops
    A. I and II only
    B. I and III only
    C. I, II, and III
_____ 5. Ma Joad gets her husband angry in order to
    A. draw a lesson for the family
    B. energize him
    C. keep his mind off their economic plight
_____ 6. The character who was filled with guilt over the death of his young wife is
    A. Noah
    B. Uncle John
    C. Mr. Wainwright
_____ 7. Ma Joad's great strength was seen in the episode of
    A. Granma's death
    B. the square dance at the government camp
    C. the job at Weedpatch

_____ 8. The line we associate with Jim Casy is
    A. "All that lives is holy"
    B. "We make our church where our hearts are"
    C. "I'll pray for you if you pray for me"
_____ 9. In the midst of their travels, the Joads were surprised to learn that
    A. President Roosevelt was coming to their Hooverville
    B. they were wanted by the police
    C. they were looked upon as bums
_____ 10. The Grapes of Wrath is known as
    I. a religious allegory
    II. a sociological document
    III. a novel of social protest
    A. I and II only
    B. I and III only
    C. II and III only

11. If you want to learn something about the union movement in America, The Grapes of Wrath is probably as good a book to read as any textbook on the subject. Would you go along with that statement? Explain.

12. Analyze in detail the personality of Tom Joad. is he as mean as he often seems? What redeeming qualities does he have, if any?

13. If you were the librarian of an American embassy abroad would you want The Grapes of Wrath on your shelves for foreigners to read? Explain why or why not.

14. Do you agree with some readers of The Grapes of Wrath who, when asked what the book was about, replied, "It's about hatred"?

15. The social problem that gave The Grapes of Wrath its impact has disappeared since 1939. Do you think the novel nevertheless has some universal or enduring qualities that make it relevant to contemporary life?  


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