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The Grapes of Wrath
John Steinbeck


_____ 1. The first member of the Joad family whom we meet is

    A. Ma, getting ready to serve dinner
    B. Tom, just released from state prison
    C. Grampa, drawing circles in the dirt
_____ 2. One of the famous examples of symbolism in the novel is the episode of the
    A. selling of the furniture
    B. swarming of the locusts
    C. turtle crossing the road
_____ 3. Jim Casy had given up preaching because
    A. he had been caught stealing church funds
    B. he had lost the calling
    C. his congregation had melted away
_____ 4. In her first and last meeting with Tom, Ma Joad
    A. stroked his face
    B. kissed and blessed him
    C. asked, "Tom, how is it gonna end?"
_____ 5. Grampa's death symbolically followed
    A. the meeting of the family council
    B. his removal from his home
    C. the breakdown of their truck
_____ 6. An Ominous sign of what lay ahead for the Joads in California came
    A. from the Wilsons
    B. in Rose of Sharon's dream
    C. from the ragged man at the camp

_____ 7. When the family started to break up, the first to go was
    A. the oldest son, Noah
    B. sixteen-year-old Al
    C. Connie, Rose of Sharon's husband
_____ 8. Tom was saved from arrest when the blame for assaulting the deputy was accepted by
    A. Jim Casy
    B. Ivy Wilson
    C. Ezra Huston
_____ 9. Steinbeck's attempt at a Christ figure is personified by
    A. Tom Joad
    B. Pa Joad
    C. Jim Casy
_____ 10. The landowners tried to upset the government camp because they
    A. were afraid that the migrants would organize
    B. wanted to encourage a "Turkey Shoot"
    C. wanted the migrants to return home

11. Is Tom, Casy, or Ma the hero of The Grapes of Wrath? Or can no one person be singled out as the hero of the novel? Discuss.

12. Analyze the reasons for the Joad family's disintegration, referring specifically to the departure of four family members.

13. Casy says near the beginning of the story that he loves people so much he's "fit to bust." Show how he puts that feeling into action in the course of the novel.

14. How does The Grapes of Wrath enlarge on the conventional idea of a family? Identify two different families in the novel and discuss their contribution to any of the novel's principal themes.

15. Ma should be considered a failure because she did not accomplish what she set out to do- namely, keep her family together. Discuss.  


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