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Free Barron's Booknotes-Don Quixote by Migel de Cervantes-Free Book Notes
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_____ 1. Don Quixote believes that a knight-errant in search of adventure must

I. abstain from sex
II. fight only with other knights, never with those beneath his station
III. always sleep in a castle

A. I & II only
B. II & III only
C. I & III only

_____ 2. Cide Hamete Benegeli was

A. the author of many chivalric romances
B. a creation of Cervantes' imagination
C. a Moor expelled from Spain for refusing to convert to Christianity

_____ 3. One character who is in part autobiographical is

A. Ruy Perez de Viedma
B. Camacho
C. Roque Ginart

_____ 4. The episode of the braying villagers shows that

A. the people of seventeenth-century Spain could be very intolerant
B. wars are often fought for petty reasons
C. you should mind your own business, not your neighbor's

_____ 5. The innkeeper will never try to become a knight-errant because he

A. knows that knights-errant are out of style
B. is a married man
C. thinks chivalry is boring

_____ 6. Why did Cervantes write: "For me alone was the great Quixote born, and I alone for him"?

A. Because so many of Quixote's adventures are based on Cervantes' own experiences
B. Because Don Quixote was the book that made Cervantes' fortune
C. Because he understood his hero far better than the author of the unauthorized version of Part II

_____ 7. One episode that points up the relationship between artistry and deception is

A. the reading of the novel about "The Man Who Was Too Curious For His Own Good"
B. the puppet show
C. Countess Trifaldi's tale

_____ 8. Sampson Carrasco disguises himself as the

A. Knight of the Mirrors
B. man in green
C. hermit of the Sierra Moreno

_____ 9. When Sancho has become "quixotized" he

A. becomes less talkative
B. must beat himself on his own backside
C. treats Dapple more kindly

_____ 10. Don Quixote is "cured" of his madness when

A. Altisidora's suffering makes him ashamed of himself
B. Sancho finally disenchants Dulcinea
C. he realizes he will never see Dulcinea in this life

11. Why is Don Quixote sometimes called the first true novel?

12. Some psychologists have pointed out that people who have to cope with the insane often start behaving as if they were insane themselves. Can you find any instances of this kind of behavior in Don Quixote? What function do these incidents serve?

13. How does Cervantes further the theme of illusion vs. reality?

14. Do you think Don Quixote shows true courage in his adventures? Why or why not?

15. What is Cervantes' attitude toward the lower classes? Be sure to discuss the character of Sancho Panza in your answer.

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Free Barron's Booknotes-Don Quixote by Migel de Cervantes-Free Chapter Notes

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