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Barron's Booknotes-Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

Table of Contents

NATAL (na-TALL) - An eastern province of South Africa lying between the Drakensberg Mountains and the Indian Ocean.

NATIONALIST - Member of an Afrikaner-dominated political party that favors racial segregation.


NDOTSHENI (in-dot-SHAY-nee) - A Zulu village in Natal.

NIKOSI SIKELEL' IAFRICA (in-KO-see see-gay-LELL ee-AH-frekah) - Slogan and song, "God Save Africa."

NON-EUROPEANS - Nonwhites: Asians, Coloureds, and blacks.

ODENDAALSRUST (oh-den-dolls-ROOST) - Site of an April 1946 gold strike in the Orange Free State.

ORANGE FREE STATE - A province of South Africa bounded by the Orange and Vaal rivers. At one time it was an independent Boer republic.

ORLANDO - A Johannesburg district adjacent to Shanty Town.

PETROL STATION - Gasoline station.

PIETERMARITZBURG (pe-ter-MAR-itz-burg) - Capital of the province of Natal.

PIMVILLE - A black district of Johannesburg with dwellings made of storage tanks cut in half. Originally intended as emergency housing only.

POUNDS, SHILLINGS, PENCE - South African currency before 1961. One pound contained 20 shillings or 240 pence (pennies)

. At 1946 exchange rates, 1 South African pound was equivalent to $4.03 in U.S. dollars, 1 shilling equivalent to 20 cents, and 1 penny equivalent to 1.6 cent.

PRETORIA - Capital of Transvaal. In Cry, the Beloved Country, "Going to Pretoria" means going to be executed.

SHANTY TOWN - A Johannesburg slum built up overnight out of scraps by black people desperate for housing.

SIYAFA (see-YAW-fa) - A fatalistic expression, "We die."

SOPHIATOWN (so-FEE-a-town) - A mixed-race district of Johannesburg where blacks could own property.

TITIHOYA (tit-ee-HOY-a) - A bird similar to a plover. The name imitates the sound the bird makes.

TIXO (TEE-ko) - Xhosa for Great Spirit, God.

TRANSVAAL (trahns-VALL) - A northeastern province of South Africa, at one time an independent Boer republic.

UMFUNDISI (oom-FOON-dees) - A Zulu title of respect.

UMKOMAAS (oom-KO-mahs) - A river and valley in Natal.

UMNUMZANA (oom-NOOM-zahn) - Zulu for Sir.

UMZIMKULU (oom-zim-KOO-loo) - A river and valley in Natal.

USMITH, UJARVIS - Zulu equivalents of Mr. Smith, Mr. Jarvis.

VELD, VELDT (FELT) - Grassland with scattered shrubs or trees. The Veldt means the great central plateau on which Johannesburg is located.

XHOSA, XOSA (KO-sa) - A Bantu-speaking people of eastern and central South Africa.

ZULU - A Bantu-speaking people of the Natal area.

Table of Contents

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Barron's Booknotes-Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

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