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Barron's Booknotes-Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

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This glossary includes many place names, as well as Zulu, Xhosa, and Afrikaans words used in Cry, the Beloved Country. Pronunciations are given only for words that do not follow the regular rules of English pronunciation.

AFRIKAANS (af-ri-KANZ) - A language also called Cape Dutch or South African Dutch, developed from Dutch spoken by 17th-century European settlers. Both Afrikaans and English are official languages of South Africa.

AFRIKANER (af-ri-KAHN-er) - A white, Afrikaans-speaking descendant of early European settlers.

ALEXANDRA - A crime-ridden suburb of Johannesburg where blacks could own land.

APARTHEID (a-PAR-tade) - Afrikaans for "separation" or "apartness." An official government policy of separation of the races.

BANTU - Blacks in South Africa or the languages they speak.

BASUTOLAND - See Lesotho in this glossary.

BOER (BO-er, BU-er) - Afrikaans for "farmer." Originally applied to settlers of Dutch descent but broadened to include all Afrikaans-speaking European settlers.

COLOUREDS - People of mixed race.

DONGA - A steep riverbank.

DRAKENSBERG - Literally, dragon (drakens) mountains (berg). An extensive mountain range in eastern South Africa.

EUROPEANS - White people.

INGELI (in-GAY-lee) - A place near Ixopo.

INKOSANA (in-ko-SAHN) - Zulu, little chief or little master.

INKOSI (in-KOSE) - Zulu for chief or master.

INKOSIKAZI (in-KOSE-e-gahz) - Zulu for mistress.

IXOPO (ik-OH-po) - A village in Natal.

JOHANNESBURG - The largest city of South Africa, established in 1886 by gold miners.

KAFFERBOETIE (boetie rhymes with goody: KAF-er-boody) - A white who works for the good of nonwhites. Literally, "little brother of the Kaffir." Originally an Afrikaans term of contempt.

KAFFIR, KAFFER - Afrikaans for infidel or heathen. An insulting term applied to black Africans.

KLOOF - A deep ravine or a valley with steep sides.

KRAAL (CRAWL) - A village made up of a collection of huts surrounded by a stockade, or an enclosure for livestock.

LESOTHO - A kingdom called Basutoland before independence in 1966. It lies near the Drakensberg Mountains and is entirely surrounded by South Africa.

LOBOLA - A black African custom of buying a wife with cattle.

LORRY - Truck.

Table of Contents

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Barron's Booknotes-Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

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