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Barron's Booknotes-All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren-Free Summary
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_____ 1. Mason City is
A. a rural community in which time seems to stand still
B. a wealthier community than Burden's Landing
C. the place where Jack and Willie grew up together

_____ 2. Willie becomes a hero because he
A. exposed the illegal practices of local politicians
B. convinced the state to support the school bond issue
C. was against hiring the contractor who built the schoolhouse

_____ 3. Jack's feelings for his mother are ambivalent because
A. despite his attraction to her, he sees her as a vain, selfish woman who lacks commitment
B. she always makes a big fuss over him when he first comes home, but then soon tires of him and asks him to leave
C. he resents all the attention she bestows on his stepfather

_____ 4. A symbol of the guilt that Cass Mastern carries with him is
A. a locket of Annabelle Trice's hair
B. the slave girl Phebe's handkerchief
C. Duncan Trice's gold wedding band

_____ 5. The character who does not give Jack any clues for his research on the Judge Irwin scandal is
A. Jack's mother
B. Anne Stanton
C. Adam Stanton

_____ 6. Adam Stanton agrees to be the director of Willie's hospital because
A. he knows he's the best man for the position
B. his trust in his father's righteousness is destroyed
C. Willie blackmails him

_____ 7. After Jack learns that Anne is Willie's mistress, he
A. goes into a period of Great Sleep
B. develops the theory of the Great Twitch
C. accepts Cass Mastern's Spider Web theory of life

_____ 8. Willie finally asks Jack about the results of his research on Judge Irwin when
A. Willie's son, Tom, is being threatened with a paternity suit
B. the Judge threatens to run for senator against Willie
C. a state committee is assigned to investigate charges against Willie

_____ 9. Tom's football accident does not result in
A. Willie's calling off his affairs with Anne and Sadie
B. Tiny Duffy's being told to forget the hospital deal with Gummy Larson
C. Lucy's finally deciding to divorce Willie

_____ 10. After the deaths of Adam and Willie, Anne and Jack
A. blame each other for what happened
B. console each other in affectionate silence
C. team up to seek revenge on the people responsible for the tragedy

11. Which theme do you think is more central to All the King's Men-the search for knowledge or power and corruption? Defend your answer with evidence from the text.

12. Could the story of Willie Stark and Jack Burden be told in a setting other than the South during the Depression years?

13. Warren uses many images in All the King's Men. Choose three key images and discuss their significance in the novel's plot and themes.

14. Trace Jack's growth toward self-knowledge.

15. Why does Warren present so many examples of people who are either idealists or materialists? What does this show you about his view of human nature?

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Barron's Booknotes-All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren-Free Summary

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