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Barron's Booknotes-All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren-Free Summary
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_____ 1. Told by Willie to dig up a scandal on Judge Irwin, Jack,

A. is eager to accept the assignment
B. refuses to be disloyal to his old friend the Judge
C. doubts that there is a scandal to find

_____ 2. Willie runs for governor the first time because
A. Jack convinces him that he would make a good governor
B. the Harrison-for-Governor group wants to use Willie to split the rural vote
C. his wife, Lucy, is ambitious and wants to live in the state mansion

_____ 3. Two characters who represent people of traditional Southern values are
A. Cass Mastern and Ellis Burden
B. Lucy Stark and Adam Stanton
C. Sadie Burke and Hugh Miller

_____ 4. Jack did not finish his dissertation on Cass Mastern because he
A. couldn't understand Cass's sense of guilt
B. married Lois and had to get a job
C. realized that Cass's story had no historical importance

_____ 5. The scandal Willie asks Jack to dig up on Judge Irwin
A. is never found, because the Judge has lived a morally upright life
B. concerns Judge Irwin's secret attempt to have Willie impeached
C. concerns the acceptance of a bribe that Judge Irwin took in order to pay a mortgage

_____ 6. At first, Willie's plans to build a hospital do not include
A. making political deals
B. appointing Adam Stanton as director
C. naming the hospital after himself

_____ 7. As a young woman, Anne doesn't marry Jack because
A. Jack lacks direction
B. she falls in love with another man
C. Adam is against the marriage

_____ 8. Jack's first realization of his mother's deep love for Judge Irwin comes when
A. she walks out on her husband
B. he hears her piercing scream and discovers that the Judge has committed suicide
C. he sees the Judge's picture hidden in her drawer

_____ 9. Adam Stanton shoots Willie after he learns that
A. Gummy Larson has been hired to build the hospital
B. Willie is responsible for Judge Irwin's suicide
C. his sister, Anne, is Willie's mistress

_____ 10. The deaths of the Judge, Willie, and Adam cause Jack to
A. contemplate suicide
B. have Tiny Duffy impeached and Sadie Burke arrested
C. accept his own responsibility in the web of life

11. Some readers think that in All the King's Men, Robert Penn Warren presents an apology for leaders who use corrupt practices. Do you agree or disagree?

12. One of the most fascinating aspects of the novel is the way Warren uses time. Describe how Warren uses time and its importance in the novel.

13. What is the significance of the Cass Mastern story?

14. Trace Willie's descent into corruption.

15. Compare Willie Stark and Jack Burden. What is the basis of their relationship? How are they similar? How are they different?

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Barron's Booknotes-All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren-Free Summary

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