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Free Study Guide for The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury-MonkeyNotes
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Key Literary Elements
Character List
Short Plot/Chapter Summary (Synopsis)
Background Information - Biography
Literary/Historical Information

Chapter Summaries with Notes and Analysis

January 1999: Rocket Summer
February 1999: Ylla
August 1999: The Summer Night
August 1999: The Earth Men
March 2000: The Taxpayer
April 2000: The Third Expedition
June 2001: and the Moon Be Still as Bright
August 2001: The Settlers
December 2001: The Green Morning
February 2002: The Locusts
August 2002: Night Meeting
October 2002: The Shore
February 2003: Interim
April 2003: The Musicians
June 2003: Way in the Middle of the Air
2004 - 2005: The Naming of the Names
April 2005: Usher II
August 2005: The Old Ones
September 2005: The Martian
November 2005: The Luggage Store
November 2005: The Off Season
November 2005: The Watchers
December 2005: The Silent Towns
April 2006: The Long Years
August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains
October 2026: The Million-Year Picnic

Overall Analyses
Character Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Themes - Theme Analysis
Author's Style
Important Quotations / Quotes
Symbolism / Motifs / Imagery / Symbols
Important / Key Facts Summary

Study Questions / Online Quiz
Answer Key
Essay Topics / Book Report Ideas

Comment on the Study of Literature

Table of Contents | Message Board | Downloadable/Printable Version

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