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Ender's Game Free Online Study Guide/Book Notes Summary
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1. What is identified as Enderís weakness?

a. too cruel
b. cannot bring himself to kill
c. too malleable
d. spiders

2. What mask does Peter make Ender wear when they are playing?

a. astronaut
b. one of Peter
c. one of Stilson
d. bugger

3. Who tells Ender that he/ she will love him forever, as he leaves for Battle School?

a. Mother
b. Father
c. Valentine
d. Peter

4. How does Colonel Graff isolate Ender during the Launch?

a. he singles Ender out as the best one
b. he punishes Ender for fighting with Bernard
c. he makes Ender cry
d. he is only friendly to Ender

5. How does Ender break Bernardís control over the group?

a. he sends a message making fun of him
b. he fights Bernard and wins
c. he asks Shen to form an alliance with him
d. he spreads rumors about Bernard

6. Ender gets to Fairyland by

a. choosing the right liquid
b. digging out the Giantís eyes
c. bribing the Giant
d. making the Giant drink the liquid and die

7. Ender learns skills in all these ways BUT

a. practicing with Salamander Army
b. practicing with his old Launchies
c. practicing with Petra
d. watching Bonzo, and thinking of ways to defeat him

8. What does Ender see in the mirror while playing the fantasy game?

a. snakes
b. himself killing Stilson
c. Valentine
d. Peter

9. Father likes to read this column in the paper

a. Aristotle
b. Locke
c. Demosthenes
d. I.F. News

10. Dragon Army is at a disadvantage in all these ways EXCEPT

a. name is associated with losing
b. all the other commanders are used to using the hook to manipulate gravity
c. no trades allowed
d. none of the soldiers are experienced

11. From watching the bugger videos, Ender learns all these things EXCEPT

a. that human ships responded slowly, while the buggers were unified
b. how to act random, while creating confusion
c. using tricks to lure ships into traps
d. the details of Mazer Rackhamís victory

12. Ender uses this strategy to win against two armies

a. performing victory ceremony at the gate
b. waits until they have surrounded Dragon Armyís entrance gate and then shoots them down
c. flexible toons, each operating independently
d. divide and conquer

13. Valentine tells Ender this is the reason he must return to training

a. he now loves Earth, since spending time at the lake, and he would not be able to stand by while it was destroyed
b. the I.F. will force him to, as he was only allowed to be born in the first place so that he could undergo training
c. she is afraid Peter will find a way to use him for Peterís own plans of world domination if Ender returns home
d. she protected him from Peter when he was younger and now she is scared for herself against the buggers

14. Ender does this to end the war with the buggers

a. promises peace
b. captures the Queen and holds her hostage
c. he surrenders
d. uses the Little Doctor on the planet

15. Where is the hive queen hidden?

a. on a bugger ship that accidentally crashed on the colony
b. in a hole in one of the old bugger tunnels on Eros
c. behind the mirror in the reconstructed fantasy game landscape
d. in the house in North Carolina where Ender stayed

16. Ender does all these things EXCEPT

a. promise to find the hive queen a place to live
b. return to Earth
c. become a Speaker for the Dead, including one for Peter
d. become governor of the first colony to an old bugger world

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Free Study Guide-Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card-Book Summary


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