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Ender's Game Free Online Study Guide/Book Notes Summary
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Title: Ender’s Game

Author: Orson Scott Card

Date Published: 1985

Meaning of the Title: The title refers to the war with buggers, during which Ender is commanding the human fleet but thinks it is a simulation. Therefore, it is just a game to him but the adults know the whole time that it is for real.

Setting: North Carolina, Battle School (and the fantasy game), Command School on Eros, Ender’s World

Genre: novel (science fiction)

Protagonist: Andrew “Ender” Wiggin

Antagonist: Although the buggers are seen as the overall antagonist, Ender comes to see the adults as the real enemy. He also must deal with his brother Peter, and has concentrated fights with a few of the other boys-Stilson, Bernard, and Bonzo.

Mood: serious

Point of View: third person, focused on either Ender or Valentine. Also, at the start of chapters, there is a third person perspective, but while listening to often unnamed adult characters converse.

Tense: This story is written in past tense.

Rising Action: events at Battle School, before Ender is transferred to Command School

Exposition: first three chapters in which the reader is introduced to the Wiggin children and Colonel Graff, Ender is presented in contrast to Peter, and Ender decides to go to Battle School

Climax: the battle with the buggers, Ender’s use of Dr. Device on the bugger home planet, and his being told that the battles have been real all along

Outcome: Peter comes into power on Earth, Valentine and Ender go to the first colony on a previous bugger world, Ender finds the hive queen and promises to find her a place to live again, Ender and Valentine set out in search of a place

Major Themes: children (capable) versus adults (untrustworthy), the line between good and evil, games versus reality

Minor Themes: murder and redemption/ love and destruction/ love and hate, winning at all costs, being different, revenge/ deceit/ manipulation, taking on an identity, struggle for survival/ understanding, influence of memories on what a person is


malleable: likely to give in to pressure from others

maladroit: awkward, lacking skill

salaam: peace

toon: a small military unit

hegemony: leadership over others

I.F. : International Fleet

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Free Study Guide-Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card-Book Summary


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