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5.7 Points to Remember

The Russian Revolution

  • Sovereignty was in the hands of the Emperor and not the Parliament.
  • The Church favored the Divine Rights of the King causing unhappy masses.
  • Influence of Communism was growing.
  • Democratic governments had been set up in other parts of Europe.
  • The participation in the First World War escalated the revolutionary fervor.

Nazi Germany

  • The German Republic was established.
  • Efforts were made for setting up the Communist Party.
  • ElectionsresultinGermany-Hitler becomes Chancellor.

Fascism in Italy

  • Discontentment was sweeping over nations; pitiable socio-economic conditions prevailed.
  • Non-cooperation with the existing rulers.
  • Faulty franchise; party scuffles.
  • A nationalist awakening in the people.

The Second Great War

  • The humiliating conditions of the Treaty of Versailles
  • The Spirit of nationalism and imperialism grew.
  • There was a race for arms.
  • The League of Nations failed miserably.
  • Dictatorship was on the rise.
  • The issue of Poland dominated European politics.

The Impact of the Second Great War

  • Great loss of life and property.
  • Economic crisis, socio-political problems.
  • Atomic weapons were used for mass destruction.
  • and Russia became world powers.


  • To promote peace and security in the international sphere.
  • All member nations were equal and replete with sovereignty.
  • No nation will interfere in the internal affairs of another.
  • It has failed in its aims and objectives but has done well in certain areas.



5.0 Introduction
5.1 The Russian Revolution
5.2 NAZI Germany
5.3 Fascism in Italy
5.4 The Second Great War
5.5 Impact of the Second Great War
5.6 The Establishment of the U.N.O.
5.7 Points to Remember

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