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5.5 Impact of the Second Great War

Many countries suffered in the war. The land beginning from the Baltic to the Black Sea was the worst affected. The towns in Germany suffered more than the other ones in Europe. The condition of the Jews in the prison camps established by Hitler was awfully inhuman. Men, women and children were treated mercilessly. They were killed at the slightest excuse and punishments were awarded to the relatives of the one who committed the crime. There was a heavy loss of life i.e., as many as 50 lakh soldiers and a million civilians were killed. Besides this, many soldiers and civilians were so badly wounded, physically and psychologically never to be normal again. Colonial possessions of various imperial powers ended. Russia and America now became super powers, and the world split up into two blocks according to their ideologies. i.e., the Capitalist ideology of America as against the Communist ideology of Russia.

The Federal Republic of Germany with its center at Bonn was formed in May 1949. The German Democratic Republic was set up with its headquarters at Russia, and sub-quarters at Berlin, (October 1949).

Western Zones became cut off from the Russian Zone. Germany was partitioned; two German states were formed, even though none of them was a Sovereign state.

In Eastern Europe, countries like Czechoslovakia, Poland, Albania and Yugoslavia etc. were brought under the Russian influence. Russia had created and even consolidated for her a position of great influence. In Western Europe much attention was required to solve the problem of the economic recovery. France secured recognition for her place among the great powers with much difficulty.

In Asia, Japan was driven out from Korea and China. In China the communists successfully established the People’s Republic of China. In the Middle East, the state of Israel was established.

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5.1 The Russian Revolution
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5.4 The Second Great War
5.5 Impact of the Second Great War
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