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By Jean Anouilh QUOTATION: To say yes, you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves and plunge both hands into life up to the elbows. It’s easy to say no, even if it means dying.
ATTRIBUTION: Jean Anouilh (1910–1987), French playwright. Creon, in Antigone.

QUOTATION: It is restful, tragedy, because one knows that there is no more lousy hope left. You know you’re caught, caught at last like a rat with all the world on its back. And the only thing left to do is shout—not moan, or complain, but yell out at the top of your voice whatever it was you had to say. What you’ve never said before. What perhaps you don’t even know till now.
ATTRIBUTION: Jean Anouilh (1910–1987), French playwright. The chorus, in Antigone.

QUOTATION: An ugly sight, a man who is afraid.
ATTRIBUTION: Jean Anouilh (1910–1987), French playwright. Antigone, in Antigone.


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