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MonkeyNotes-The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston

Table of Contents

Key Literary Elements


The book is set in the present time in Oakland, California, but
the characters also visit San Francisco,
California, and, in memory, they visit the past in a small village
in Canton, China.


Major Characters


The Chinese-American protagonist of the book. She is seen in
the memoirs at different ages,
From a young girl to a mature woman.

Brave Orchid

Maxine's mother, who is a very strong-willed Chinese-
American woman. In China, she was a medical doctor, and in
the United States, she owns a laundry with her husband and in
her older years, works in the tomato fields as an itinerant farm

Minor Characters

The Woman Warrior

A figure from folklore, who proves her filial piety by saving her
family and her village in China.

Moon Orchid

Brave Orchid's sister, who comes as an elderly woman, from
Hong Kong to the United States in order to join her husband,
who had abandoned her years ago.

No Name Woman

Maxine's father's sister, who became pregnant in China by an
unknown man who was not her husband and who committed
suicide and infanticide after bearing her child.

Table of Contents

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MonkeyNotes-The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston

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