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MonkeyNotes-War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
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Why does Petya enlist in the army? What is his fate?

How does Princess Marya fall in love with Nikolai Rostov?

Why does Marya visit Yaroslavl? What is the outcome of the visit?

How do Marya and Natasha cope up with the loss of Andrei?

Why is Ellen in a dilemma after returning to Petersburg from Vilnez?

Why does she woo the clergy?

How does Pierre respond to his wife’s request for a divorce?

Where does Pierre stay in Moscow? What mission does he plan to undertake?

Describe the scene in Moscow on the day Pierre goes to perform his mission.

How does Pierre get imprisoned?

Relate Pierre’s experience as a prisoner.

How does this experience change his attitude to life?

What events lead to Pierre’s proposal of marriage to Natasha?

How does emperor Aleksandr take his revenge on Napoleon.

What is the main cause of Russian victory at Tarutino?

Describe the ‘guerilla warfare’ undertaken by the Russian troops.

Why does Napoleon give orders for withdrawal from Moscow?

Describe the exodus of French army from Moscow.

Describe the events leading to Nikolai’s wedding to Marya.

Write a character sketch of Sonya. Compare her to Nikolushka.

How does Natasha transform herself from a carefree teenager to a housewife?

Why does Nikolai change his profession? How does he fare in his new vocation?

Why does Pierre go to Petersburg? What mission does he want to undertake?

What is the significance of Nikolushka’s dream?

How does Tolstoy end the novel?

Describe Tolstoy as a realist?

How does Tolstoy come across as a moralist in the novel?

What are the events that lead to Aleksandr’s supremacy?

Why is Napoleon sent to St. Helena?

Describe War and Peace as a war novel.

Justify the title War and Peace.

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version

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MonkeyNotes-War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy


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