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MonkeyNotes-War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
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Describe Anna Pavlovna’s soiree in the beginning of the novel.

Write a short sketch on the character of Prince Vasily.

How can Prince Vasily and Anna Mikhailovna be compared?

How does Pierre’s status change from one of anonymity to that of a chosen one?

Describe Pierre’s personality in Book I?

What are the events that lead to Pierre’s marriage to Ellen?

Describe the Rostov family.

Relate the events leading to the Battle of Austerlitz.

How does Andrei meet Napoleon? How does his outlook on life change with that meeting?

Why does Prince Vasily visit Bald Hills? Is he successful in his mission?

Describe the meeting of Princess Marya with Anatol?

Why does princess Marya refuse Anatol’s marriage proposal?

When does Nikolai return home with Denisov? Describe the events leading to estrangement with Dolokhov.

Why does Pierre agree to fight a duel with Dolokhov?

How does Princess Lisa Bolkonsky die?

Why is Prince Andrei’s visit to Bald Hills a surprise to his family?

Why does Prince Andrei feel guilty and turn bitter with life?

Why does Andrei settle down at Bagucharovo?

Why does Pierre leave for Petersburg?

Why does he join the society of Free Masons? How does he fulfil his vows to the clan?

What reforms does Pierre undertake in his estates? Is he successful in his mission?

What sort of reforms does Andrei undertake both in his estate and army?

Why and when does Emperor Aleksandr sign a treaty of peace with Napoleon? How does he extend his hand of friendship to Napoleon?

Why does Pierre call back Ellen to Petersburg? Does it improve his relationship with his wife?

Why does Andrei visit Otradnoe? What happens there to change his view of life?

Describe the events leading to Andrei’s engagement to Natasha.

Why do they have to wait for a year to get married?

Why does Natasha accompany her father to Moscow? Describe her meeting with Princess Marya.

How does Natasha fall for the charm of Anatol? What are the steps she takes to marry him?

Why does Anatol fail to elope with Natasha? How does Natasha cope with her disappointment?

How does Andrei react to Natasha’s betrayal?

Why does Pierre visit the battlefield? Describe his experience in the army camp.

How does Andrei get fatally wounded? Why does he experience a change of heart at the hospital?

Anatol and Ellen get what they deserve. Explain.

Why does Napoleon march into Russia?

What are the events that lead to the invasion of Moscow and the burning of the city?

Why does Kutuzov give orders for abandonment of Moscow?

Write a short note on Kutuzov.

Describe Denisov and Dolokhov as officers of the army.

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version

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MonkeyNotes-War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy


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