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MonkeyNotes-War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
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Count Pyotor Ilyich Rostov

The younger son of Count Ilya Rostov, he is a patriotic and excitable youngster who enlists in the army at the age of fifteen and loses his life in the battle-field.

Countess Vera Ilyinichna Rostova

The good looking elder daughter of Count Rostov, she is arrogant and petty. She is jealous of Natasha and her vivaciousness.

Sofya Aleksandrovna Or Sonya

Cousin of Natasha and Nikolai, she is devoted to the Rostov family. She loves Nikolai and desires to marry him but resigns herself when Nikolai marries Marya.

Princess Anna Mikhailovna Drubetskaya

The indulgent mother of Boris and good friend of Countess Rostov, she befriends people to promote her sonís career and succeeds in her mission.

Prince Boris Drubetskaya

The young son of Mikhailovna, he is shrewd and cunning. He acquires power and position in the army through influence and marries an heiress.

Madam Bourienne

The French maid of Princess Marya Bolkonsky, she is beautiful but flirtatious.

Anna Pavlovna Scherer

The lady-in-waiting and confidante to Marya Fyodorovna, the empress, she delights in throwing parties and inviting influential people.


The able commander of the Pavlograd regiment, he is punished after he commits an impropriety. He likes Nikolai Rostov and befriends the latterís family.


He is demoted in the army for bad behavior. He flirts with Ellen and earns the wrath of Pierre. He betrays the friendship of Nikolai by cheating him at the game of cards.

Emperor Aleksandr

The Tsar of Russia, he is highly patriotic and emotional. She inspires his soldiers to drive Napoleon out of Russia.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The emperor of France, he is powerful and crafty. He is feared and loved by his people.


The supreme commander of the Russian army, he is astute and patriotic but lacks initiative. When Napoleon marches into Moscow, he asks his army to withdraw and orders the inhabitants to abandon the city.

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MonkeyNotes-War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy


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