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MonkeyNotes-Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West
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Miss Lonelyhearts

Miss Lonelyhearts is a young man who answers to woeful letters, in a column in the New York Post. He is a sensitive man, who begins to writhe in the miseries of his subscribers, which also begin to affect his own life. His belief in Christ gives him the power to heal the wounds of the people, but their pettiness and lack of faith brings his doom.


Betty is deeply in love with Miss Lonelyhearts, but she values her self respect too. She makes it clear to him that she is not one to be used and disposed off. She nurses Miss Lonelyhearts when he is seriously ill and takes him to a country farm for a pleasant change. She is much worried about the toll that his job takes over Miss Lonelyhearts and wishes that he would quit it.


Shrike is the feature editor of New York Post. He is a cynical man who takes pleasure in all the seven deadly sins. Faithless himself, he makes fun of Miss Lonelyhearts faith in God.


Peter Doyle

Peter Doyle is a crippled subscriber of Miss. Lonelyhearts. He kills Miss Lonelyhearts, as he suspects him to have raped his wife.

Fay Doyle

Fay Doyle is a thirty-two year old, huge woman, who, led by lust, attempts to seduce Miss Lonelyhearts. She is much dissatisfied with life and hates being married to a crippled man. When Miss Lonelyhearts refuses to be enticed by her, she accuses him of rape.

Mrs. Mary Shrike

Mary is Shrike’s wife, who is unhappy with her husband and has a soft corner for Miss Lonelyhearts. She refuses to sacrifice her virginity at the altar of lust and awaits true love.

Clean old man

This old man is called ‘clean’ as he has no sob story to tell Miss Lonelyhearts, and this frustrates Miss Lonelyhearts and Gates, who get violent with him and urge him to speak up.

Goldsmith, Ned Gates

Colleagues of Miss Lonelyhearts who accompany him often to the Delhanty’s speak easy.

Broad Shoulders

Broad Shoulders is a woman, who has numerous responsibilities on her shoulders. She is sick of life and writes a sorrowful letter to Miss Lonelyhearts.

Miss Farkis

Miss Farkis is a young lady who works in a bookstore and also dates Shrike.

Harold. S, Sick of it all and Desperate

Subscribers of Miss Lonelyhearts.

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MonkeyNotes-Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West


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