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MonkeyNotes-Main Street by Sinclair Lewis
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Major Characters

Carol Kennicott

Daughter of Judge Milford and wife of Dr. Will Kennicott, she is a romantic at heart. Her life's ambition is to transform Gopher Prairie into a beautiful town. The town resists her attempts, but she keeps up the fight.

Dr. Will Kennicott

A country doctor. He practices medicine in Gopher Prairie, a small prairie in the Midwest of America. He is proud of his town. He falls in love with Carol, attracted by her beauty and youthful fervor for reformation. He loves cars and hunting.

Hugh Kennicott

Kennicott's first son. He looks like his father and is very practical like his father.

Mrs. Kennicott

Mother of Kennicott, she has the instinct to trust people. She keeps her child like curiosity alive and Carol adores her.

The Smails

Kennicott's Uncle Whittier and Aunt Bessie. They take the liberty to intrude in Carol's privacy and they consider it their right to laugh at her.

The Clarks, Sam and Ethel

Close friends of the Kennicotts. Sam owns a hardware shop. He too loves hunting.

The Haydocks

Harry Haydock runs the Bon Ton store owned jointly by his father and Mr. Simmons. His wife Juanita is the president of the Jolly Seventeen, which is the club for the elite, young matrons of Gopher Prairie.

The Dyers

Dave Dyer owns the drug store in Gopher Prairie. He is one of the aristocrats of the town but is very stingy. His wife Maud is a member of the Jolly Seventeen and also the Thanatopsis, which is the literary club of Gopher Prairie.

Vida Sherwin

Teaches English and French in Gopher Prairie's school. She is a staunch Christian and is behind many of the reforms in Gopher Prairie. She marries Raymie Wutherspoon in the latter part of the novel.

Raymie Wutherspoon

He is the manager of the shoe-department of the Bon Ton store. He marries Vida, joins the army and is promoted to the rank of a Major. After his return to Gopher Prairie, he is made full manager of the Bon Ton stores.

Guy Pollock

He is one of the two lawyers of Gopher Prairie. He is considered to be an intellectual and is a bachelor.

Mrs. Bogart

A Baptist, she believes herself to be the keeper of the morality of the town. She is Carol's neighbor.

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MonkeyNotes-Main Street by Sinclair Lewis


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