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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare
Table of Contents


Identify the speakers and explain the context of the quote.

'Plantagenet, why seek'st thou to depose me?
Are we both not Plantagenets by birth'?
Who says this? What does 'Plantagenet' refer to? Give the context.

'But for a kingdom any oath may be broken'
'I would break a thousand oaths to reign one year'
Who speaks this? Give the nature of the speaker. To whom is this
said and explain the context.

'I'll leave my son my virtues deeds behind
And would my father had left me no more'
Identify the speaker. Who is the father referred to here? Give the

'O Warwick I do bend my knee with thine
And in this vow do chain my soul to thine'
Identify the speaker. What is the irony behind it?

'Look as I blow this feather from my face
And as the air blows; it to me again'
Identify the speaker. What is he speaking about? Explain the

'I can add colors to the chameleon
Change shapes with Proteus for advantages
And set the murderous Machiavel to school'
Who is the speaker? Explain the context and what does he mean?

Is King Henry a tragic hero? Why or why not?

Warwick is called 'The Kingmaker.' Why does he deserve such an

Compare and contrast Edward and Richard, the sons of York, in
attitude and ambitions.

Examine some of the causes of the War of the Roses.

Examine the Queen's role in this play. How does she create some
of the conflict in the play?

Interpret various scenes of violence in the play. Is war glorified or
being criticized? Explain.

Look for examples of similes and metaphors that evoke the
characters' inner selves.

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare

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