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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare
Table of Contents

Act V, Scene 7

The scene is set in the palace with King Edward, Queen Elizabeth,
George Richard, Hastings, and a nurse with the young Prince and
attendants. The scene shows a reunion among the brothers and
Edward asks his brothers to kiss his young son and heir to the
throne. He is very happy because he has got back his country,
brothers and a son. He gives orders to take away Margaret and ship
her to France. He ends on a rejoiceful note.


The scene is ironic and prepares the audience for the next
installment of the York family's rule of England in Richard III, that
will be the culmination of the disorderly period of English history
from 1399-1485, when the marriage of Henry VII to the Yorkist
heiress Elizabeth will usher in a prosperous age. York has
triumphed and Edward calls the roll of his formidable enemies now
dead, and goes on to rejoice in the birth of an heir. Wars are over
and he thinks he is surrounded by his loving brothers. However,
Richard's aside sullies this otherwise domestic scene when he
kisses his nephew and says, "To say the truth, so Judas kiss'd his
master, And cried, "All hail," when as he meant all harm." Richard
will stop at nothing and has no guiding frameworks such as
religion or morals except his own maligned one. This peaceful
scene is ephemeral and in the final part of the tetralogy, Richard
III, all the conflicts and values will clash.

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare

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