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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare
Table of Contents


The scene is the King's palace in France where King Lewis, his
sister Bona, his Admiral Bourbon, Prince Edward, Queen Margaret
and the Earl of Oxford are meeting. Margaret reveals the current
problems besieging King Henry's court and King Lewis listens to
her sympathetically. She tells him that all her hopes are in him and
that even Scotland cannot help them. King Lewis comforts and
assures her of his help. Warwick announces his arrival and says he
has come to exchange greetings to establish friendly relations
between the two countries. He also adds that he wants to confirm
this friendship with nuptial knot and he proposes to the fair Lady
Bona, the King's sister, on Edward's behalf.

Warwick then turns to Bona and tells her that Edward has asked
him to convey the passion in his heart for her and to kiss her hand
in his favor. Her beauty and virtue has made her famous in
England. Queen Margaret interupts and says that Warwick's
demand arises not from honest love but from deceit bred by
necessity. Tyrants can never govern their country unless they have
great alliances with countries abroad. She warns the King that by
this league and marriage, he is inviting danger, trouble and
dishonor. The Prince chides Warwick for not calling Margaret,
Queen Margaret and Warwick coolly replies that she is not the
queen any more, and he is not a prince. Oxford and Warwick
debate over who is the legitimate heir to the crown.

Warwick urges Oxford to leave aside Henry and call Edward the
King. King Lewis interrupts and asks Warwick whether Edward
was his true King or not, whether he was lawfully chosen, whether
he was gracious in the people's eye and the measure of love for his
sister Bona. Warwick says that Edward's love for Bona is like an
eternal plant whose root is fixed in the ground of virtue, and the
leaves and fruits are maintained by Beauty's sun. The King asks his
sister for her opinion. Bona confesses that she has heard of
Edward's valor and victories and they have inspired her desire.

The King then gives consent to the marriage and asks Margaret to
be the witness. The Prince says they are witness to the marriage
between Bona and Edward and not to the English King. King
Lewis says to Margaret that he is still a friend of hers and Henry
but since their title to the crown is weak, he is withdrawing his
promise of helping her. The Queen condemns Warwick for
disrupting her and the King's negotiations. A postman comes and
delivers letters to Warwick from the Marquees Montague, his
brother, and to Lewis from Edward and to Margaret. They all read
their letters.

Oxford observes the smile on Margaret's face and the frown on the
face of Warwick. Queen Margaret says that her news fills her with
joy and Warwick's news fill his heart with sorrow and discontent.
King Lewis asks Warwick whether Edward has married Lady Grey
and reproves Warwick for mocking the French King in this
manner. Warwick protests and says that he doesn't know anything
about this misdeed of Edward's and says that he has been
dishonored. He immediately renounces Edward and returns to
Henry's court. He apologizes to Margaret for his past deeds and
offers her his future service. The overjoyed Queen forgives
Warwick and says that she is very happy that Warwick has become
their friend.

Queen Margaret and Warwick seek the help of King Lewis to take
revenge on Edward and he agrees to help. They plan to gather
troops in France and overrun Edward and his men. When the King
questions Warwick's loyalty to Henry, Warwick assures the King
of his constant loyalty by agreeing to give his eldest daughter in
marriage to Prince Edward. The Queen is very happy at the
proposal and urges her son to agree to it. Warwick says to himself
that he came from Edward as his ambassador but now he is
returning as his enemy. Even though he has no pity towards Henry,
he seeks revenge on Edward's mockery.

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare

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