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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare
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The scene is a field of battle between Towton and Saxton in
Yorkshire. Warwick enters, tired and exhausted and stops a while
to rest and regain his strength. Edward is also seen running,
admitting defeat. George enters and says that they have lost their
hope and ruin is going to befall them. He asks Warwick what to do
and where they should go. Edward says their enemies are
following them and Richard enters and informs them about the
death of Warwick's brother at the hands of Clifford. Richard tells
Warwick that at the time of dying, his brother had cried 'Warwick
revenge my death' and then died.

Warwick is enraged on hearing this and says that instead of
standing there like soft hearted women counting and wailing their
losses, they shall revenge his brother's death. He vows that he will
never stop until he takes his revenge on Clifford. They all decide to
fight to the death and bid farewell to each other and say that they
shall meet again in heaven or in earth.


This scene reveals just one more death that will need to be
avenged. Here the Yorkists are seen to be nearly defeated until
hearing of Warwick's brother's death. Warwick vows that he will
never rest again until death or until he gets a chance to take
revenge on Clifford. Their departing remarks show a certain
despondency about the possibility of their deaths. Richard, who
has not wept yet, starts weeping thinking that his life may be over.
He embraces his brother and Warwick with his tired hands. George
advises them to inspire their troops to stand together like pillars of
support by promising handsome rewards, which shows that George
is practical and has common sense.

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare

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