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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare
Table of Contents


The scene begins with the King, the Queen, the Prince of Wales,
Clifford and Northumberland with drums and trumpets entering
York. The Queen points out the head of York and asks the King
whether the spectacle cheers him or not. King Henry replies that
just as the rocks cheer those people who also fear their wreck, the
sight of York's head disturbs his soul. He apologizes to God and
says that it is not his fault. Clifford reproves of Henry's lenity
(harmful pity which is a vice to Kings) and says this quality of
Henry should be laid aside for a more ferocious stance. Clifford
continues to say that death and destruction are part of war but the
King is disturbed by such flagrant images of depravity.

Clifford expresses his pity for the young prince and tells the King
to be ashamed of his unmanly act. The Prince should not lose his
birthright by his father's fault. King Henry congratulates Clifford
for his meaningful speech and says he will be a good orator. He
tells Clifford that evil deeds will never end successfully and a son
will never be happy having a sinful father.

The Queen sneers at the King's moralizing stance and tells him to
knight his son. King Henry blesses his son to arise as a knight and
advises him to draw his sword only if the occasion is right. The
Prince promises his father that he will draw his sword and use it to
the death. A messenger enters and announces the arrival of
Warwick with a band of thirty thousand men proclaiming Edward
as the King. The prince inspires his father to unsheathe his sword
and fight bravely. When Edward, George, Richard, Warwick,
Norfolk, Montague and soldiers enter, a verbal battle ensues.

Edward, in a mocking manner, challenges King Henry to fight in
the field or set the diadem on his head. The Queen chides him for
being so bold and impudent before their lawful King. Edward
asserts that he is the lawful King since he was the adopted heir by
the consent of Henry. He accuses the King of breaking his oath and
bringing a new act of parliament to put his own son in. Clifford
says that it is right that the son should succeed the father. A verbal
duel follows between Richard and Clifford in which each accuses
the other and gets ready to fight. Richard condemns Clifford and
calls him a bastard and treacherous coward, a cruel child killer and
butcher. King Henry starts speaking but soon is interrupted by the
Queen and Clifford who say that this is not a time to speak but to

When the prince speaks up, Richard says that he has inherited his
mother's tongue. A heated exchange occurs between the Queen and
Richard with both parties hurling insults. Finally with both parties
sufficiently riled up, Edward challenges the king to a war.

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-King Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare

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