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Part 4

1. Who were the "Scalawags" and "Carpetbaggers"?
2. What crisis does Will Benteen bring home to Scarlett?
3. What was the "Freedman's Bureau" and what did it do?
4. What is the amount of the new taxes on Tara?
5. Who is the one person Ashley knows of who has money?
6. What is Ashley afraid of?
7. What is the only thing that can keep Ashley from running off with Scarlett?
8. Who comes to Tara, looking like a harlot and flaunting her new wealth?
9. Who is the person trying to seize Tara for taxes?
10. What strategy does Scarlett invent in hopes of getting money from Rhett Butler?
11. How does Scarlett get a new dress?
12. Who decides to go with her to Atlanta?
13. What attracts Scarlett to Frank Kennedy?
14. What lie does Scarlett tell that breaks Frank's engagement to her sister?
15. According to Hugh, the war was harder on the women than it was on the men. Why?
16. What is Scarlett's impression of Frank's store?
17. How does Scarlett manage to buy her first mill without her husband knowing it?
18. Under what condition does Rhett loan Scarlett some money?
19. Why does Tony Fontaine have to flee to Texas?
20. What mistake does the Freedmen's Bureau try unsuccessfully to correct?
21. Why does Peter stop driving Scarlett's buggy?
22. What is Scarlett's most common solution to any problem she can't handle?
23. How does Gerald O'Hara die?
24. How does Will Benteen prevent a family feud from erupting at Gerald's funeral?
25. Whom does Will plan to marry?
26. What does Scarlett give to Pork?
27. How does Scarlett prevent Ashley from moving north?
28. What actions does Frank take to prevent Scarlett from driving alone to her mills?
29. What was Archie's crime?
30. What legislative action brings crippling regulations and military rule to Atlanta?
31. Why does Rhett frequently visit New Orleans?
32. Why is Big Sam unable to become Scarlett's new driver?
33. After Scarlett is attacked at Shantytown, her husband goes to a political meeting. What is the real purpose of the meeting?
34. How do Rhett and Hugh prevent the Yankee soldiers from realizing that Ashley is wounded?
35. What is Belle's opinion of Scarlett? How is that ironic?
36. Why does Rhett finally ask Scarlett to marry him?

Part 5

1. While on their honeymoon, Scarlett and Rhett purchase gifts for everyone in the family. Why does Scarlett refuse to buy a gift for Mammy?
2. While in New Orleans, Scarlett learns everything about Rhett except what?
3. How does the relationship between Mammy and Rhett change after the birth of little Bonnie?
4. How does Wade react to the birth of his second little sister?
5. What does Rhett do that shows an uncanny understanding of children?
6. What is Scarlett's real reason for asking for separate bedrooms after the birth of Bonnie?
7. Why is Wade not invited to birthday parties of the other little boys?
8. What inspires Rhett to suddenly try to gain back some "respectability"?
9. In what branch of the military did Rhett serve?
10. What information does Rhett ask of Mrs. Merriwether?
11. How does Bonnie inspire her father to quit drinking?
12. What does Ashley mean when he tells Scarlett that he and Rhett are "fundamentally alike"?
13. What is ironic about Scarlett being caught in the arms of Ashley?
14. Why does Scarlett give up trying to explain the "Ashley" incident to Rhett?
15. What makes Scarlett realize that she cannot reveal her "truth" about Ashley to Melanie?
16. What does Rhett offhandedly suggest to Scarlett that results in an accident?
17. To whom does Rhett turn to for comfort during Scarlett's illness?
18. How does Rhett arrange for Ashley to buy Scarlett's mills? What is ironic about his action?
19. What is Ashley's first decision regarding the mills?
20. Who persuades Rhett to allow Bonnie's funeral to take place?
21. What causes Melanie's death?
22. What is ironic about Melanie's last request to Scarlett?
23. Who or what is in the "mist" in Scarlett's dream?

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