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Study Questions

Part 1

1. Why does Ashley Wilkes not know how Scarlett O'Hara feels about him?
2. All of the girls at the Wilkes barbecue (chapter 4) play the "southern belle" game to some extent. Which of the girls are actually sincere in their affections?
3. Why does Ellen Robillard marry Gerald O'Hara who is beneath her and much older?
4. Who overhears Scarlett's declarations of love to Ashley?
5. What does Rhett Butler say that immediately turns the pre-war southerners against him?
6. After war has been declared, Rhett makes a rye observation about an important missing element in any battle. What is it?
7. Whom does Scarlett immediately marry when she is denied Ashley?

Part 2

1. What was Atlanta first called?
2. What is Aunt Pittypat's usual reaction to any crisis?
3. What duty is Scarlett expected to share in Atlanta?
4. Uncle Henry takes a liking to Scarlett. Why?
5. How does Scarlett manage to attend a fund raising bizarre soon after her husband's death?
6. Scarlett and Melanie both donate their wedding rings to the basket of jewelry collected at the bizarre. What is the difference in the way they do it?
7. What is so shocking about Scarlett dancing at the bizarre?
8. Scarlett's mother, Ellen, sends Gerald to fetch Scarlett home after the bizarre. How does she get out of going?
9. What fear does Ashley's letter to Melanie acknowledge?
10. Why is Rhett permitted to be a frequent caller at Pittypat's house?
11. Where does Ashley spend a large portion of the war?

Part 3

1. What was "Thermopylae"?
2. What strategy does the Yankee general use that forces Johnston to respond by moving backwards even though he isn't actually retreating?
3. Big Sam and other capable slaves from the plantations are rounded up to do what?
4. What prevented Gerald O'Hara from joining the army?
5. Why does Scarlett stay in Atlanta when Pittypat and the others leave?
6. What does Rhett Butler ask of Scarlett that at first sounds like a proposal?
7. What lie has Prissy been telling?
8. What news does a soldier bring soon after Melanie has her baby?
9. Why does Rhett leave Scarlett and the others on the road to Tara?
10. What blessing do Scarlett and Prissy come across on the road to Tara?
11. Where does Scarlett go to find food?
12. What revelation does Scarlett have after she kills the Yankee soldier?
13. How does Grandma Fontaine show that she does understand Scarlett?
14. Which of Scarlett's sisters helps willingly in the cotton fields?
15. When Sherman's troops come through Tara, where does Scarlett hide the wallet containing their money?
16. What coincidence results in their being able to keep Charles' sword?
17. What news does Cathleen Calvert bring and why is it significant?
18. What news does Uncle Peter bring?
19. What does Scarlett do when she hears Peter's news?
20. Who stops Scarlett from spoiling Melanie's reunion with Ashley?

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