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Free Study Guide-Brave New World by Aldous Huxley-Free Booknotes
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Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, Epsilons: the caste hierarchy in Utopia.

Anthrax Bomb: a Pre-Ford weapon used in germ warfare.

Bokanovsky Process: a process by which a human egg has its normal development arrested. It starts to bud and produces many identical eggs.

Bottling: the stage where artificially created embryos are put into sowperitoneum-lined bottles for maturation.

Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy: an intricate ball game played with complicated equipment.

Community Sing: a pseudo-religious meeting for the lower castes, promoting fraternity.

Decanting: the process by which Utopian embryos are removed from the bottles after maturation.

Ectogenesis: birth outside the human body.

Emotional Engineering: the profession responsible for preparing propagandistic diversions for the people.

Erotic Play: a pastime for Utopian children, involving exploration of each other's bodies and meant to absolve all feelings of guilt associated with sex.

Five Step: a popular Utopian dance.

Ford: the Utopian idol, the nearest equivalent to God.

Freemartin: a sterilized Utopian woman.

Hypnop'dia: sleep-teaching to inculcate prejudices into the subconscious of the sleeper.

Internal and External Secretion Trust: this utopian organization is in charge of hormones and extracts to keep the people young and happy.

Liners and Matriculators: people who work in the Bottling Room.

Malthusian Belt: a device worn to discourage sex in the unsterilized women to avoid pregnancy.

Malthusian Drill: another device meant for the unsterilized women to avoid pregnancy.

Orgy-Porgy: a ritual where indiscriminate, en masse sexual relations ensure solidarity in the participants.

Podsnap's Technique: a process resulting in speeding up the ripening of embryos artificially.

Power Elite: an exclusive and restricted group which exercises power by forceful means.

Pregnancy Substitute: this medical procedure allows utopian women to experience the psychological benefits of childbirth without actually undergoing it.

Scent and Color Organ: a console that plays concertos of fragrant aromas and capriccios of colored lights.

Sex-hormone Chewing Gum: an artificial means of gaining sexual satisfaction

Social Predestination: a process by which a card file of data on every Utopian is preserved to establish a quota system for those types of persons the state intends to create.

Solidarity Service: a pseudo-religious gathering to promote fraternity among the upper castes.

Soma: a drug that dulls the passions and understandings of the people and creates a false sense of happiness. It is frequently consumed to escape reality, mainly in the form of tablets. For the state, it serves as a tool of preserving social stability.

Subliminal Projection: an image presented to the sight or words to the hearing for split seconds and super-imposed upon visual or aural entertainment. This split-second communication lodges in the subconscious and greatly influences subsequent behavior.

Super-Vox-Wurlitzerians: a synthetic-music box.

T-Model: the Utopian equivalent of a religious symbol, meant to be a play upon the Christian cross; it honors Ford, the founder of this utopian society and alludes to Henry Ford and the mode-T.

Violent Passion Surrogate (V.P.S.): a chemical intended to give the body the psychological experience of having had normal sexual relations.

Voice of Good Feeling: the artificial voice that suppresses any riot by soothing the people with suggestions of peace through loudspeakers.

Will-to-Order: the drive in human beings that compels them to forge unity out of diversity to the extent of over-organizing things.

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version | Barron's Booknotes

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Free Study Guide-Brave New World by Aldous Huxley-Free Plot Summary


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