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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Synopsis
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Fogg is in the prison. He is confined in the Custom House lock up. Aouda is shocked by Fogg’s arrest whereas, Passepartout feels guilty. While Fogg sits in prison, Passepartout calmly watches the hands of a watch move ahead. The thought of trying to escape the prison does cross his mind but there is no way out. While everything seems against him, suddenly Fix and Passepartout come inside his cell. Fix apologizes to Fogg, saying that the real robber was found three days ago and that Fogg is free to go. Fogg gives Fix a punch that knocks the latter down. Passepartout, Fogg and Aouda then go to Liverpool Station. Since the Express train to London had already left, Fogg hires a special train and gives the driver an incentive to reach England as fast as possible. But, the train faces all kinds of insurmountable delays and when Fogg reaches England he thinks he has reached five minutes late. He thinks he has lost his wager.


Fogg is in prison and in serious trouble. Fix must have taken immense pleasure in finally arresting the man, who he had chased all over the world. Fogg shows no emotion when he is arrested. If at all he looks more grave and watches the hands of the clock move in a fixed manner. Aouda is very sad. She respects Fogg, a great deal and is completely shaken and angry at the fact that others think that he may be a robber.

But Passepartout’s plight must have been the worse. He realizes that he should have warned Fogg about Fix and now knows that all the delays in the journey are because of Fix. Passepartout’s anguish is palpable and we as readers, feel that it is well deserved. He should have told his master about Fix but didn’t. Now he is largely to blame for Fogg’s arrest.

Verne manages to build the tension very well. We are all aware of the time constraints involved for Fogg, to win the bet.

Just when we think that all is lost and that Fogg will never be able to reach London, Fix comes in and apologizes to him. It had been a mistake and the real robber has already been arrested. We see that while Fogg may be calm usually, he is capable of giving vent to his anger too. He strikes Fix down with a massive blow. The suspicion in the reader’s mind that Fogg may be a robber is cleared. Fogg is definitely not guilty.

The trio-Fogg, Aouda and Passepartout leave for the station. They want to take an Express train but it has already left. So they hire a special train which can take them to London. Even though the train driver is offered reward money in Fogg’s unmistakable style the train is not able to reach London in time. There are unavoidable delays and the group reaches London five minutes late. Fogg has lost the bet or so he thinks, after having traveled magnificently around the world.

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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Summary


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