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_____ 1. In the early part of the novel, Carton's life is described as one of

    A. "alcohol and reverie"
    B. "promise in shackles"
    C. "rust and repose"
_____ 2. The message on the knife that was used to slay Monsieur the Marquis read
    A. "Drive him fast to his tomb"
    B. "Sic semper tyrannis"
    C. "May you rot in hell"
_____ 3. Dr. Manette's relapse came when he
    A. was taken back to the ancient prison
    B. learned of Darnay's parentage
    C. saw the pile of shoes

_____ 4. If Gabelle had been slain by the mob,
    A. the St. Evremondes would have been deprived of their revenge
    B. it would have enraged the Defarges
    C. Darnay would not have been summoned back to France
_____ 5. The "one hideous figure" whose ominous shadow dominated the bloody days of the Revolution was
    A. The Vengeance
    B. La Guillotine
    C. Mme. Defarge
_____ 6. The Carmagnole was
    A. the nickname for the "mender of roads"
    B. the popular song of the Revolution
    C. Mme. Defarge's knitting register
_____ 7. Jerry Cruncher contributes to the plot by
    A. admitting that he was a Resurrection Man
    B. revealing that Roger Cly had not been executed and buried
    C. exposing Solomon Pross as John Barsad
_____ 8. Mme. Defarge's secret is that
    A. her son had been run over by the cruel Marquis
    B. her sister had been killed by Darnay's family
    C. her father had been Dr. Manette's cellmate
_____ 9. A 70-year-old farmer-general and a young seamstress
    A. testified to the St. Evremonde family's brutality
    B. were to accompany Darnay to the guillotine
    C. were part of the citizens' revolutionary tribunal
_____ 10. As a result of her confrontation with Mme. Defarge, Miss Pross
    A. became permanently deafened
    B. secured the roster of doomed noblemen
    C. endangered the lives of Lucie and her little daughter

11. The novel's leading themes of resurrection and sacrifice (renunciation) are intertwined. Discuss.

12. Sydney Carton's great sacrifice is, on the whole, a life-affirming act. Support or refute, giving evidence from the novel.

13. Dr. Manette's prison experience has good as well as bad effects on his personality. Discuss.

14. Excluding Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton, give three pairs of doubles in the novel and explain their significance.

15. Compare the two cities, London and Paris, in this novel.


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