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ANIMA - Feminine counterpart of the male personality in Jungian psychoanalytic theory.

ARCHETYPE - Mythical image in the collective unconscious (Jungian theory) such as the Mother or the Wise Old Man.

BACH, FRIEDEMANN - German composer, eldest son of J. S. Bach, 1710-84, a contemporary of Mozart.

BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN - German composer, 1685-1750, the master of his time and one of the great men of music.

BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - French poet, 1821-1867; also a critic and translator of the American Edgar Allen Poe.

BURGER, GOTTFRIED AUGUST - German poet, 1747-1794, of the Romantic era.

CATHARSIS - Cleansing or purging of destructive emotions by art.

FREUD, SIGMUND - Austrian physician, founder of psychoanalysis, 1856-1939.

GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - German poet, playwright, novelist, 1749-1832.

HERMAPHRODITE - Individual having both male and female characteristics.

JEAN PAUL - Pen name of Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, German author, 1763-1825, of the Romantic era.

JUNG, CARL GUSTAV - Swiss physician and psychoanalyst, 1875-1961, who broke with Freud to formulate his own theory.

MATTHISSON, FRIEDRICH VON - German poet, 1761-1831, of the Romantic era.

MOLLY - Character in a German Romantic poem.

MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Austrian composer, 1756-1791, greatest of his time, the "classical" or pre-Romantic era.

NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH WILHELM - German philosopher, 1844-1900, known for his concept of the "superman."

NOVALIS - Pen name of Friedrich von Hardenberg, German author, 1772-1801, a leader of Romanticism.

PERSONA - Public image or mask of the personality, according to Jungian theory.

PIETISM - Fundamentalist sect of the Lutheran Church that made the Bible a daily guide and forbade dancing, theater, and sports. Hesse's parents were Pietists.

SHADOW - Aspect of the personality, usually suppressed, according to Jungian theory.

STIFTER, ADALBERT - Austrian author who had a fatal accident while shaving, 1805-1868.

TRANSVESTITE - Person who wears clothing of the opposite sex.

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