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_____ 1. Harry Haller acquires the "Treatise on the Steppenwolf" by

A. buying it in a bookstore
B. picking it up in the street
C. having it handed to him by a peddler

_____ 2. The first-person narrator of the Preface is

A. the editor of Hesse's collected works
B. the landlady's nephew
C. Hermann Hesse

_____ 3. The Immortals in Steppenwolf are

A. great creative artists
B. world conquerors
C. founders of the major religions

_____ 4. Hermine's last command to Harry is to

A. marry her
B. kill her
C. make love to her

_____ 5. The automobile hunt represents the

A. bloodthirstiness of Harry's wolf personality
B. violence suggested at the Masked Ball
C. war of man against the machine

_____ 6. The shattering of Harry's mirror image means

A. the breakup of Harry's personality into its many selves
B. Harry's self-hatred
C. Harry's wolf self is forever gone

_____ 7. When Harry goes on trial he is condemned to

A. exile
B. death
C. life

_____ 8. To reconcile Harry with life, the Treatise prescribes

A. drugs
B. humor
C. suicide

_____ 9. Pablo rebukes Harry for

A. refusing his drugs
B. not dancing to his music
C. spoiling his pictures with reality

_____ 10. Before entering the Magic Theater, Pablo asks Harry to

A. take off his shoes
B. check his personality in the cloakroom
C. swear not to tell anyone what he sees

11. Hermann Hesse said that Steppenwolf was his catharsis. What does the word mean, and how might the novel serve that purpose?

12. Steppenwolf has been described as a psychoanalytic novel. Identify and explain some of the psychoanalytic symbols in the novel.

13. Harry Haller despises the middle class but chooses to live in middle-class surroundings. How does he reveal this contradiction and how is it explained?

14. Steppenwolf is structured as a "framework" novel. Describe the form. What is its literary purpose?

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