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_____ 1. Siddhartha leaves hi father's house because he

A. was told to do so in a dream
B. wants to see the world
C. wants to join the Samanas

_____ 2. The Samanas are

A. wandering ascetics
B. teachers of the martial arts
C. professional musicians

_____ 3. Kamala tells Siddhartha to come back when he

A. is hungry
B. has gifts for her
C. needs a place to stay

_____ 4. Govinda parts with Siddhartha in order to

A. become a Buddhist monk
B. become a ferryman
C. go on a pilgrimage

_____ 5. Kamaswami hires Siddhartha because he can

A. preach
B. make a good appearance
C. read and write

_____ 6. Siddhartha does not join the Buddha's followers because he

A. disagrees with the Buddha's teaching
B. wants no teacher
C. thinks the Buddha is a fraud

_____ 7. Siddhartha leaves the city because he

A. has gambled away his wealth
B. was influenced by an oracle
C. is sickened by his way of life

_____ 8. Little Siddhartha is ashamed because of his father's

A. poverty
B. patience and love
C. menial job as a ferryman

_____ 9. Vasudeva advises the troubled Siddhartha to

A. listen to the river
B. think good thoughts
C. rid his soul of evil

_____ 10. Kamala, dying, finds peace in

A. the Buddha's teachings
B. confessing her sins
C. Siddhartha's presence

11. Siddhartha learns that love is the most important thing in the world. How is love related to the Eastern religions? To Christianity?

12. The India of Siddhartha has been compared to a fairy tale landscape. Describe the setting in terms of the classic fairy tale.

13. Discuss the role of the river in Siddhartha.

14. Discuss Siddhartha as an allegory.

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